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While this site does not contain any explicit sexual or violent content, I follow multiple explicit, adult media franchises. These franchises are discussed at length throughout my site (Devilman, Banana Fish, various 80s-90s adult OVA). Because of this I suggest you explore with caution if you are younger or sensitive to mature content. Pages containing sensitive content are marked with this: symbol. Always research content warnings before consuming any media you find on my site. Look after yourself out there!

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Hi! Welcome to AllyRat World! This is my personal website, though I use it more like a scrapbook than a website. There's a bit of all sorts here. Please enjoy your stay!

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On behalf of the NZ Lolita Community

Please help Ange.

Angele is a beloved member of the Christchurch & wider NZ EGL Community, the Oamaru Steampunk Community, a retired vet nurse, wife, and mother to three. She was born with a rare congenital heart defect caused by Noonan Syndrome that has caused Angele to suffer greatly over the years. A few years ago she was placed on the heart transplant list and was blessed with a new heart, however one of the valves in her new heart was severed during a routine biopsy which has lead to her facing multiple organ failure for a second time. Angele now needs a pacemaker and dialysis along with a life-extending surgery to repair the valve, which will enable her to spend more precious years with her family. Without the surgery her life expectancy is estimated to be between six to eight months.

A number of the members of our NZ community have set up a givealittle page to help with the huge financial burden that comes with this surgery, related medical procedures and care that Angele needs. If you can help then please do! Every little bit counts towards helping Angele and her family.

Please consider donating. Thank you.