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While this site does not contain any explicit sexual or violent content, I follow multiple explicit, adult media franchises. These franchises are discussed at length throughout my site (Devilman, Banana Fish, various 80s-90s adult OVA). Because of this I suggest you explore with caution if you are younger or sensitive to mature content. Pages containing sensitive content are marked with this: symbol. Always research content warnings before consuming any media you find on my site. Look after yourself out there!

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Ally // 22 // she // NZ

Hi! Welcome to AllyRat World! This is my personal website, though I use it more like a scrapbook than a website. There's a bit of all sorts here. Please enjoy your stay!

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12/05/2023 - Updated room tour!!!
12/04/2023 - New blog entry and minor updates to portfolio site!
30/03/2023 - New blog entry and updates to lolita wardrobe and sewing gallery!
13/03/2023 - Made some updates to The Webmistress!
08/03/2023 - New blog entry and a major update to my Portolio site!
28/02/2023 - New blog entry!
17/02/2023 - New blog entry!
14/02/2023 - Updates section added! Now you can know whenever I add fun new stuff to my site!!