What is lolita fashion?

What is the New Zealand Lolita Community?

The New Zealand Elegant Gothic Lolita Community is a community of people throughout New Zealand who share the hobby of wearing lolita fashion. We communicate via a countrywide private Discord server, a countrywide private Facebook group and several private regional Facebook groups.

The purpose of our community is to meet new people, make new friends and share the fashion we love with likeminded people. We also arrange and attend lolita exclusive events such as tea parties, picnics and swap meets.

Our community is fully inclusive of all genders, races, ages and identities. As long as you wear lolita fashion we would be happy to have you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join? Email me at allyratwhy@gmail.com and I will ask you a few simple questions about your desire to join our community. If your vetting is successful I will pass you on to the countrywide Facebook group where you will need to apply to be vetted once again.

Why all the red tape to get in? This is a community majority consisting of women, LGBT and young teenagers. Due to this we need to stay vigilant to keep bad actors out of our community.

Why should I join? There are lots of benefits to joining our community! You can make lots of new friends, attend lolita events such as tea parties, join in on group orders from overseas and find support on your lolita fashion journey.

But aren’t lolita communities full of drama and bullying? No! You’ve been spending too much time reading horror stories from American online communities full of teenagers. We’re a very chill group of mostly adults looking to find friendship with other participants of our hobby. With the majority of us being adults none of us have the time to engage in petty drama over silly dresses.

Do I have to already own lolita pieces to join? No, you just need to demonstrate a researched understanding of the fashion and an intent to acquire pieces. Our members are more than willing to help you find your first pieces.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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