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Café Rosé is a weblisting for cute, pretty, soft, pop and kawaii websites run by adults.
Cutesy and kawaii aesthetics are often associated with youth, however not everyone grows out of a deep love for cuteness. This website is to celebrate cutesy and kawaii personal websites run by adults!

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To join, fill out the below form and email it to allyratwhy@gmail.com. If you have a site button, please include it as an attachment. Accepted file types are JPEG, PNG and GIF

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♥ List

Button Site Description Mature content?
AllyRat World Lolita fashion, art, anime, BL, baking. Yes
Sanguine Royal The personal (primarily art) site of a gay brown immigrant ♡ No
Mizuki's World Mizuki's world of ocs, menhera, fashion, and more! Yes
Zucchini Enthusiastic doll blogging. Kinda?
Lovesick Digital scrapbook featuring art, OCs, and blogging. Yes
Nyaa Decorated personal site filled with cute characters ♥ No
Vencake Personal expressive hub with a focus on games & creativity. Yes
Ophanimkei Mala’s personal website with art, fashion, and other things. Yes
Mei's room Personal sanctuary featuring art, logs, and fictional men. Yes

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