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Café Rosé is a weblisting for cute, pretty, soft, pop and kawaii websites run by adults.
Cutesy and kawaii aesthetics are often associated with youth, however not everyone grows out of a deep love for cuteness. This website is to celebrate cutesy and kawaii personal websites run by adults!

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Café Rosé was last updated 06/07/2024 and currently has 66 members!

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♥ List

Button Site Description Mature content?
AllyRat World The fangirling of a silly little sweet lolita. Yes
Sanguine Royal The personal (primarily art) site of a gay brown immigrant ♡ No
Mizuki's World Mizuki's world of ocs, menhera, fashion, and more! Yes
Zucchini Enthusiastic doll blogging. Kinda?
Lovesick Digital scrapbook featuring art, OCs, and blogging. Yes
Nyaa Decorated personal site filled with cute characters ♥ No
Vencake Personal expressive hub with a focus on games & creativity. Yes
Ophanimkei Mala’s personal website with art, fashion, and other things. Yes
Virtual Dreamland Personal website and art of a yumejoshi. Yes
Jeith! Personal site focused around mid-2000s era web design & games. No
Secret Cottage Shrines, dollmakers, and resources. No
Beeku's Arcade Room A personal website of an artist, rhythm game enthusiast, hobbyist, bunny owner, and enjoyer of all things cute. Yes
Tsuinosora I like visual novels, and I make stuff sometimes! No
Strawberry gashes A nostalgic personal site offering tutorials, font recommendations, and more! ♥ No
Mezucore A princess wannabe's passionate ramblings + shrine depository ♥ No
AquariumAesthetic The personal site of a girly gamdev and artist. No
SweetCharm Kawaii nostalgia, lolita fashion, and cute web materials! No
Pinkdog's Palace Maximalist personal site filled with pink old web goodies!! No
middlepot.com My safe corner on the internet, where I share my thoughts & updates about my life and all of my projects! No
doqmeat Des' personal site with bits and pieces of my life and everything I love! No
jayspace A virtual room, a personal space for self expression, favourite characters, furry art, fun games and music. Yes
episode83 Personal website of a showa era fujoshi. Yes
Koinuko A personal site where I can talk about whatever assorted things are on my mind at the moment! Yes
A button leading to nonkiru.art. nonkiru.art A silly personal website for all the things I love; art and rambling! ♡ No
Snifflebear snifflebear sleepy and melancholic themed blog that mostly collects the thoughts of Sniffles No
Inkcaps A fairytale cottage housing the things I cherish the most in life. No
maple's diary a cosy personal website with writings, collages and cute stuff! ୨୧ No
Planetary Influence A little corner for a goofy girl. Yes
Pastel Hell General early 2000s nostalgia & pixel art. No
whiona.me A personal site & pastel spacey dreamland! Contains my creative work and other fun stuff. Yes
Vivarism My Internet playplace! Free stickers, blogging, & self-ship ✿ All decorated in kindergarten colours~ Yes
yoona's space! Yoona's personal site - a little mix of fixations and other rambles! No
Piranhebula A pixel-focused website featuring a little bit of everything! Inspired by mid 2000s personal pages with a splash of modern interests and humor. No
Mizunotic A personal site for an non-binary fangirl. No
Forest of Angels The personal site of Molly from heart-flurries.net No
Traveling Healer My fluffy personal site where I heal the world with kawaii cooking, art, decor, & romance. Trigger warning for eating disorder discussions. Yes
LittleCloud Personal site of a girl who loves cute things and pixel art. No
Lexi Personal site, web resources and cute stuff! Yes
Otterpop The homepage of an animal on the internet. No
Franny's Website Glitter, Magical Girls, Stars and Rainbows (≧ヮ≦) No
artwork A personal site with pixels .:ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ :*૮₍ • ܫ • ₎ა *: (•ө•):. No
Ojousama The writings and ramblings of an otaku princess. Yes
Reverence Personal website of a lover of all things pink! No
petrapixel Petra's personal site with art, media rec, resources and coding help! No
The Aristasian Reminiscence Project A former online member’s memories of Aristasia, a frilly, queer and controversial women's movement that was active from the late 1970s until the mid-2010s. Yes
dotdotdot very blue personal site and blog, lots of teddy bears. Yes
Mutterbutter My personal lolita fashion site that hosts my wardrobe and cute hobbies! No
Cherie a little personal space in the internet where it is always spring No
Bird Wrongs Personal site for code, tutorials, and little creative projects. No
Chassylicious.com Personal site and graphics. No
Yapi.LOL Personal website. Art gallery. Simply chillin' while my OCs are struggling to cope with their imaginary existences being in my slimy little frog-hands... :3c Yes
Choco Chip The cyber gateway into the glittering kingdom of Jelly Pink :D No
Fujoshi Cute personal site mixed with lots of free resources! No
confetti cake a pastel rainbow personal site run by a cake-loving bunny ♡ No
Arunyi My little virtual room! No
Sephiria Past the far reaches of the Internet lies an enchanted forest, home to a wizard with a dragon's heart. Yes
Angel Eye Springs Chill personal site dedicated to my hobbies and interests, usually Japanese media Yes
disuko's web corner Personal website of transfemme digital media artist disuko. No
Halcyon Days Personal site focused on books, video games, and occasionally art! No
Popi's Bubbles Bedroom of an expert hoarder and overthinker No
journal of a sleepy girl basically just a website where i can talk about things i enjoy and my daily life, has a very cute/soft/couquette theme! ^^ No
jeansgurl98 personal site of art + celebrating the oldweb!!! No
Sunfish Dreamworld Website ran by a meganekko for cute things, blog entries, and rambles for all sorts of media ( ´_`) Yes
Shydeer personal site where i explore interests through fanart, shrines, and analysis No
Neko no Kuni Personal site about cats and a bunch of random stuff that I like No
Vault of Sky Old anime fandom graphics, fanart, & fanfiction, + some personal stuff :D Yes

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