Figure Wishlist

This is my anime figure wishlist page! I love figures and statues, though I don't have many yet. There are a lot of figures I want, so I decided to pop them here.

Sirene Hikari to Yami GK (Volks)
Ultimate dream item
Ash Lynx Nendoroid
I regret not getting him on preorder so much
Eiji Okumura Nendoroid
Come as a pair, do not separate
Gothic Aoba & Ren
I want this 99% for Ren in a hat.
Aoba & Ren by Max Factory
Ok I lied I want the 3 pop popular Aoba figures they're just super cool ok?
Yaoi Jesus by Native
Blood Transfusion Towa Skytube
Not even a prototype yet but I need him
Yuzuhara Konomi Amaloli ver
I don't care about To Heart, I just want her because she's a cute oldschool lolita!
Macaron Super Sonico
She's like the perfect pastel pink anime girl figure
Chiyuru 1/6 Skytube
UGH she's so pretty!!! Oh to be a dumb little blonde bimbo catgirl in a parfait glass
Cardcaptor Sakura ARTFX J 1/7
Longtime dreamy, my favourite Sakura figure. She's just so magical here!!
Tuxedo Mirage Memorial Ornament
Listen. I know I'm never going to get this music box. But also. I don't care.