Lolita Wardrobe

Welcome to my lolita wardrobe! I've been wearing lolita fashion since 2020. I fell in love with lolita fashion at some point in my late teens on YouTube but finally built up the courage to look for and purchase my first dress in late 2019. I'm pretty sure I really found the fashion via Princess Peachie on YouTube while looking for kawaii room tours. I'm a sweet lolita through and through and my favourite motifs are strawberries, cherries, toys and Alice in Wonderland!
I've included Lolibrary links where possible, though I do use a lot of taobao, thrifted and offbrand items.


Strawberry JSK - Homemade by me!

This is the 2nd lolita JSK I made! The fabric for this dress was a really lucky thrift score. I also thrifted the lace. I have a huge collection of thrifted lace!

Fruits Parlor SK - Angelic Pretty

My first skirt!! but it also has a thingy to make it into a pinafore. It's in really good condition for it's age, it even still has the glitter! Though it is missing the waist ties.

Cherry Rose JSK - Baby The Stars Shine Bright

Simple little Baby JSK I picked up from a friend for more casual lolita days.

Sweetheart UFO Catcher Salopette - Chemical Romance

I love Chemical Romance's prints, not just due to their name but I also love the subtle edginess of their designs. I've had my eye on this salo for a while.

Cotton Candy Shop Salopette - Angelic Pretty

My dream print!!!!! But not my dream cut! I still need to get the JSK for this. I also discovered with this dress that I love salopettes.

Rainbow bunny JSK - Homemade by me!

This was my first attempt at making a JSK! I based it off of the construction of my AP Wonder Toy JSK. I used stored bought fabric I got years ago with thrifted lace.

Wonder Toy JSK - Angelic Pretty

My first Angelic Pretty dress! I got two Alice in Wonderland dresses in a row haha. Alice dresses seem to not be in a lot of demand so they're quite cheap. I love all the teddies and cookies on this print.

Episode of the Party - Baby The Stars Shine Bright

My first BTSSB dress! I love Alice in Wonderland and have really been wanting some Alice dresses. This offical Disney one is perfect for me. I love that it's cheshire cat themed.

Cecilia - Rich Girl Lolita

This is my first dress with no print or applique. I adore the cut of this dress. The fabric is shimmery and pearlescent.

The Rabbit's Strawberry Garden apron JSK - Neverland Lolita

I love strawberries and bunnies so I had to get this one. I love how massive the skirt is. I also like to use the apron with other dresses!

High waisted My Melody JSK - Bacio Bouquet

While not technically lolita, I'm putting it here because it's from a lolita brand. I really love this casual little JSK. It was a bit of an impulse buy but well worth it. It's really warm in winter.

Cream Strawberry JSK - Alice Girl

My first ever dress!! I ordered it just before covid hit :'D and it arrived in time for my 20th birthday! It's great for casual coords as I'm not scared of getting it dirty.


Episode of the Party headbow - Baby The Stars Shine Bright

This name with the JSK and it wasn't even declared on the listing! How lucky is that? Though it was suuuper dirty and gross when it arrived. Don't worry thought I gave it a good wash.

Wonder Toy KC - Angelic Pretty

A simple little headbow. I'm kind of sad by how flat it lies on your head.

Cream Strawberry KC - Alice Girl

This thing is HUGE and I lowkey have no idea how to coord it! It's absolutely fuckin massive! I can pretty much only wear it with curled hair or twintails.

Pink and red ribbon bows - Offbrand

I wear these daily and have multiple pairs of them. Simple and effective!

Pearly bow - Offbrand

I got this to go with the Celiene JSK and it's a perfect match. The pearl heart is a detatchable clip that can also be put in your hair.

Fluffy bunny headband - Offbrand

I got this for free from a friend who was cleaning some stuff out! It's perfect for cute winter coords. I think winter is the best time for lolita, don't you?

Bunny ears - Offbrand

These are great for Easter and Alice in Wonderland inspired coords. Personally I really like animal ears in lolita, as long as you coord them well.

Headscarf - Handmade

My sweet friend Danica crochet me this headscarf! I like to wear it on windy days.

Cherry Rose KC - Baby The Stars Shine Bright

Set with the dress


Bunny blouse - Loligals

My first lolita specific blouse. I got it from Loligals. It's also my go-to as it's so comfortable and versitile.

My Melody sailor blouse - Bacio Bouquet

I love the cut of this blouse but the funny dusty pink means it doesn't match any of my other pinks!! So I can only wear it with white dresses >:/

Chiffon princess sleeve blouse - Loligals

This blouse is really good for summer. I'm not very used to coording it yet but I want to use it more. The box on the middle is slightly off center though. I'm thinking of removing it.

Pink blouse - Thrifted/altered/offbrand

This is a pink office blouse I added lace to! It's also super good for summer as it's a nice thin cotton. I pin little bows to the sleeves to make it extra cute!

White plackard blouse - Thrifted/offbrand

I actually have three of this style of blouse, they've very common to find in op shops in my country. These blouses are super cute and work great with lolita, but they're also perfect for wearing to school or the office! I only photographed one here as they all look the same except for different collar/plackard details.

Red blouse - Thrifted/offbrand

This blouse was such a lucky find!! It's perfect for lolita and the red matches my Neverland dress like a dream!!!

White sherred blouse - Rich Girl Lolita

This blouse is so waaarm. It's also HUGE because I got confused my sizing lol. The sleeves are detatchable! But I don't detatch them much as the thick cotton makes it perfect for winter.

Pink candy blouse - Big Goose

I got this blouse as a part of a secret santa gift! It's very cute and the perfect pastel pink!

Sailor blouse - Taobao (brand unknown)

This lightweight summer blouse has a sailor collar with removeable bunn ears on the back!! As well as detatchable bows. I love bunny ear blouses and sailor blouses so this is the best of both worlds!!


Pink cherry cardigan - Little Dipper

I wear this cardigan all the time, even out of lolita. I need to get more of this cardi in different colours

Pink fur coat - Thrifted

This was a lucky thrift find on the drive home from a long trip. It's a nice long coat and it's decently warm.

White fur coat - Thrifted

The length of this jacket ends perfectly just before the skirt of my dresses flares out, giving my winter coords the most wonderful shape. It's suuper warm and cosy.


Cotton Candies Jumbo Rucksack - AMUSE

I looove AMUSE plushies, so I had to pick this cutie up. She fits my phone, Loungefly wallet and my meds!!!

Little Twin Stars pochette (2003) - Sanrio

This was an amazing thrift find. It was realy dirty when I got it but it cleaned up so well! I put a Cinnamoroll acrylic keychain my friend Cassie gave me on it as well.

Crochet strawberry purse - Handmade

My friend Danica made me this beautiful purse for my 22nd birthday. It's so lovely! I want to wear more strawberry themed coords so I can use it more.

Strawberry handbag - Cherry Sauce

Another secret santa item T0T This bag has three different strap modes, backpack, crossbody and handbag! I use it as a crossbody bag.

Milk-chan Pochette - BTSSB

This was my 2023 Secret Santa gift! She's soo cute, I display her with my plushies hehe.


Macaron necklace - Hexenhaus

I got this necklace off of buyee. I then looked up the creator and I'm now a big fan of their designs. I'd love to get some more

Pink "I love Hawaii" macaron necklace - Qpot

Cheeky little buyee pick. This necklace is adorable and I totally want to pick up more Qpot pieces

*knockoff* Vivienne Westwood Orb - Taobao

This ord is a shockingly accurate and convincing fake. The biggest giveaway is the chain, but the orb is crazy accurate. I refuse to pay VW money for costume jewellery when I can get such an accurate rep of the exact same quality for $10

Resin bear wand necklace - Loony Bear

I purchased this as a keychain from Armageddon expo years ago and popped it on a chain as a necklace. I do this with necklaces and earrings quite often.

Candy necklace - Taobao

My mum got me this as a stocking stuffer present for my 21st birthday. It's super cute and colourful. I love the chain.

Cherry necklace - Equip/thrifted

Anyone remember Equip? It was like the Australian/NZ version of Clairs. I thrifted this recently.

Strawberry cheesecake necklace - JellyCherry

Very cute necklace! I have the martching ring. JellyCherry's jewelry is so beautiful for the cheap price!!

Furby necklace - Controlzee

Another keychain I picked up at Armageddon and turned into a necklace. Controlzee saw me wear it at a con once and soon after she introduced acrylic earrings! I wonder if I influenced her?

Resin heart - handmade

I made this during my brief resin phase. It's ok, though the wings are starting to yellow a bit.

Tuxedo mask necklace - offbrand

Got this on Ebay years ago, it came with candy.

Pink bunny necklace - A H(?Taobao)

Another secret santa present!

Metal strawberry necklace - offbrand

Yet another secret santa gift, the cain can be removed and the charm can be used as a brooch.


*knockoff* Vivienne Westwood ring - Taobao

It even has the VW branding marks on the inside! Stunning fake this one is, was about $5.

Pink Cookie ring - Angelic Pretty

This probably comes from a set but idk what.

Strawberry cheesecake ring - JellyCherry

It matches the necklace.

Dainty flower ring - Offbrand

Another craft market score! No idea of the artist sadly.

Glittery strawberry ring - Offbrand taobao

Secret santa gift!

Pink bow ring - Offbrand

From Aliexpress. A simple staple.

White bow ring - Offbrand

Same as the pink one

Sad icecream ghost ring - ToAlice

Secret santa gift!

Pink conversation heart ring - Angelic Pretty

My first piece of AP plastic!

Blue star ring - A H (?Taobao)

Secret santa gift!

Bunny ring - Unknown (Taobao)

My secret santra really went nuts this year. I really like this ring.


Head high heel Mary Janes - Offbrand

Actually insane thrift score.

Bunny shoes - Taobao

These cute platform bunny shoes are relatively comfortable.

Red tea parties - Honey Cherry

I hate these shoes they hurt my feet so much but they're cute so I wear them anyway.

Fluffy bear platforms - Sheep Puff

These are so friggin comfy!! I want more Sheep Puff shoes after these bad boys. Perfect for winter!

Other Accessories

Strawberry rosettes - Taobao offbrand

I like that they have both a pin and a clip backing!

My Melody clip - Offbrand

I bought this at a craft market and it's handmade, but I have no idea who it was made by.

Felt bunny pin - Jackelope treasures

I picked this up from a Christmas craft market! It's sooo cute.

Bow hairclips - Rich Girl Lolita

These are great for twintails or attaching to the straps of a JSK.

Sheer rose apron - Thrifted

Another lucky thrift find! I really love aprons, they add such a fun element to a coord.

Strawberry Cream rosette - Alice Girl

This came with the JSK, it's a really nice rosette. I can use it with other JSKs too or even clip it in my hair!

Plain wristbuffs - Taobao offbrand

Very basic, but very cute. The bows are removeable.

Star clip - Taobao offbrand

Every sweet lolita needs one of these star clips.

Ghost icecream clip - ToAlice

I think this would be really good for Halloween.

Drippy bows - Taobao offbrand

I always wanted some of these as a teen!!!