Dream Hunter Rem

Dream Hunter Rem is somewhat of a bizarre guilty pleasure of mine. It's an OVA series from the 80s which began as a single episode hentai but was so popular it became a non hentai multiple episode OVA series. Rem Ayanokōji is a dream hunter, which means she has the ability to travel into dreams and fight dream demons. The series is full of grusome violence, cute girls and bizarre fast paced storylines. I'm not really sure why I'm so drawn to the series, a main reason would probably be Rem's design. She just looks so cute! Moeee!!! I love all of her outfits and even her bikini armor. I'd love to cosplay her. The other reason is that it's absolutly nuts. If you want an authentic 80s OVA experience I'd highly recomend it.

There currently isn't anywhere you can legally watch the OVAs or read the manga (to my knowledge) so just use your usual method of piracy. Here are some (mostly SFW) images of Rem that I really like. When oh when will my forgotten waifu get the modern day treatment she deserves. I'm currently the lucky owner of two Rem gachapon figures which you can see at the very bottom of this page! They are both cast off with modeled breats, but to keep this website SFW I won't be posting the cast off version. You can find them on myfigurecollection probably. I've also included a whooole lot of offical Rem artworks!!