Hello and welcome to the Nitro+Chiral boyfriend assignment quiz. This quiz is designed for people over the age of 18. If you are below the age of 18, try clicking this link to go somewhere else.

If you're playing this quiz, I'm assuming you're at least somewhat familiar with the infamous BLVN studio. But if you're not and you decide you're quite interested in whatever N+C boyfriend you receive, please be sure to research content warnings before playing the game. This quiz features the 5 protagonists of the 5 mainline Nitro+Chiral games. Please complete each question before moving on to the next. Thank you.

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1. Time for the first question! But please, do grab yourself a snack. What would you like?

Something simple like crackers or a hard boiled egg.
Something healthy like fruit or nuts.
Something salty like a packet of chips.
Something sweet like a pastry.

2. What do you like to do in your down time?

Spend time in nature
Work out or train
Listen to music

3. How's your penmanship?

Totally illegible.
It's decent enough.
Totally normal????
I dot my i's with hearts.
Elegant cursive.

4. What's your favorite animal?

Something irregular like a frog or a mongoose. I bet you think you're sooo special huh??

5. How would you describe your fashion style?

You're lucky I got dressed at all this morning.
Practical and comfortable!
I wear a uniform most of the time, so I never really developed one.
I want to be alt but I just don't have the means/confidence.
Something alt, probably either a y2k era revival fashion or a -core aesthetic.

6. How are your nails right now?

Dirty (girl go wash ur hands)
Chipped black nail polish.
Short, natural and clean.
Manicured with a clear top coat.
Gels or acrylics.

7. Ok enough about you, do you have any ideas for date night?

Go see a horror movie, then my date will get scared and cling to me.
Go to a museum or art gallery.
Stay home and watch a movie while wrapped up in blankets.
Go to an exciting event like a rave or a fireworks show!
Have sex, what else?

8. Your date has brought you a present! What do you hope it is?

Some home made chocolates, they're not great, but the thought is there.
A copy of the new video game you wanted!!
A bouquet of your favourite flowers.
A fancy bottle of wine.
A piece of jewelry, perhaps a nice necklace.

9. It's the end of the night, how do you bid your date adieu?

They motion to kiss you and you run away.
You feel awkward and don't know what to do and end up just giving them a handshake.
A hug
A kiss of course, I'm not a teenager you know.







Idea and also code stolen from Koinuko. Thanks bbgrl.