I love magical girls so much. They inspire me in so many ways and give me strength to try to better my life. I'm new-ish to the magical girl scene by most fans standards but I don't think that makes my love any less valid. They've inspired me to dress brighter, to look after my health, to care about myself more and to try all sorts of new crafts! I discovered this genere through Sailor Moon (as everyone does) and fell in love. Here is my humble shrine to everything magical girl and I expect it to grow and grow and grow. I'm trying to live my life in the most magical girl way possible in the hopes that it makes me happy. And so far it does.

So why do I love magical girls so much? The biggest thing I love is the massive display of a concept which has grown very dear to me in recent years which is "strength in femininity". Often in modern media you will see female characters being depicted as strong by just acting in non feminine or masculine ways which is... Kinda still bad. You're saying the only way I can be badass is if I wear pants? The only way I say be strong is if I don't wear makeup? The only way I can be a leader is to discard all traditionally female things like cooking and caring for people? Nah fuck that man. Magical girls teach you that power as a woman has nothing to do with these things. If magical girl characters can embrace their femininity and still be badass bitches who are saved by no man then why can't I? The depictions of female relationships and friendships are also very important to me. It's really really wonderful to see strong bonds between women in anime. I relate to their experiences and it makes me happy. Also, even though I'm a boring hetty I'm a sucker for wlw romance and BOY is the magical girl genere full of it. Hell YEAH

Magical Girl anime I have watched/am currently watching

I'm a bit of a busy bee and I get bored of watching things very quickly (like halfway thru an episode) so watching anime is kinda hard for me! Most of my anime I watch while working/drawing/doing crafts to keep me focussed on doing that task without getting bored, otherwise i can go weeks without watching a single episode of anything! Which is why it takes me so long to finish series. Yes, I can watch subs while drawing/writing essays/sewing/painting etc etc. It's pretty easy once you get used to it.



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