Do you have a hoard of cute letter paper, stickers and stationary and nowhere to use it? Are you a lover of physical artifacts to remember your friends by? Have you always dreamed of having an old-school penpal?

Why not try a letter exchange with me!

I’m interested in doing letter exchanges with fellow lovers of kawaii things. I have a lot of cute Japanese stationery to send out and would love to receive some in return. I’m also interested in exchanging drawings, stickers, candies, anime merchandise, local souvenirs and small handicrafts.

I will probably showcase the content of your letter on either my blog or on some kind of collection page! I haven’t decided yet. If you don’t want your letter to be published, please let me know beforehand. I would love to see my letter displayed on your website too.

If you’re interested, email me and we can discuss the items we’d like to trade. The trade content should be more or less equal (postcard for postcard, letter for letter, drawing for drawing, candy for candy, etc).


If interested please email me at with the subject line “letter exchange” and a description of what you might like to send and get in return. I look forward to hearing from you!!!