J O J O ' S     B I Z A R R E     A D V E N T U R E

HOOOOLY MOTHERFREAKIN SHIDD IT'S JOJOS TIME HELL YEAH!!!!! I love JoJo's. It's a VERY good time. I started watching the anime in 2016 and since then have watched the anime as it has come out. I also read the manga up to like,,, 1/3 thru of part 7 but then mangarock died so i forgot about it oops. It's a long series and I'm very lazy at reading and spend all my time watching repeditive little girls anime instead of reading this actual masterpiece. If Pitter Patter Pop every comes out for international I'm selling my soul to the gacha gods. Also, I have plans to get a Rohan inspired tattoo someday, when I eventually get it I'll put it here.