I want to go to Japan,, SO fucking bad. It’s like my biggest goal right now. Actually it’s my only goal really. I don’t have much else going on long term in my life right now… So I might as well just focus on this and take it one goal at a time. To make it to Japan however, I need money. A fuckin load of it as I wanna go shopping.

My goal is for this holiday to be a two week Tokyo dream trip. I want to do all the cringe otaku stuff. As well as visit some cultural sites and also visit my extended family who live in Osaka. To do this, my goal is to save up $8,000 NZD. That’s $6,000 the holiday itself (flights, accomidation, food, activities, souvenirs, etc) and $2,000 for lolita. Yes you read that right. I plan to stend 2 big fat ones purely on lolita when I go. It is my absolute dream to shop at Angelic Pretty and BtssB in person and walk out with comically large shopping bags like I'm in a 2000s teen girls movie.

To motivate me further, I wanted to make a list of places I want to visit and things I want to do. This will be useful to future Ally when it comes time to plan and book her holiday.

Update!! - I've started planning!

I've found someone to go on my holiday with!! A possible two someones, but one is 100% locked in. Confirmed. We will be doing this. Also, an approximate date has been decided on: February 2025! We're planning to be in Osaka for Valentines Day! These friends are fellow fujin so we will be having a lot of cringe otaku fun on Tokyo! One of them also has a small interest on lolita fashion, so I will be forcing her to try on a dress (girl ik ur reading this hiii!!!!!!! u can't escape I will give u a lolita makeover). It's going to be so fun. I can't wait!

Savings progress tracker


Places I want to go:

Cringe tourist stuff

Cultural/less cringe tourist stuff

Otaku nonsense

I definately feel a lot of inspiration from Princess Peachie's Princess In Japan vlogs. Especially considering we like a lot of the game girly, nerdy, lolita and also nature things. I re-watch her vlogs when I'm sick sometimes haha. I watch a lot of kawaii Japan adventure vlogs from the 2010s. I'm a little sad I couldn't go to Japan during the 2010s when a lot of the things I wanted to see were still open or fashionable. But I know I will still have a lot of fun when I eventually get to go. I wonder if I would have the energy to film my own vlog series? Probably not haha!