As you can probably tell, I LOVE art. Art is very important to me, both making it and viewing it. If anything, admiring art is more important to me than making it. I love a lot of very kawaii, pop, uwu art. But I also enjoy some more mature art as well. This page will contain a combination of both, artists are displayed in no particular order.
Please be aware of the symbol indicating NSFW artworks when clicking the external links.

Fancy Surprise

Manamoko sama of Fancy Surprise is the queen of fancy and fairy kei illustrations! I've adored her work for years. Her patreon is perfect for people who love image editing stickers.


Illustrations so cute and soft you wanna chew on it like mochi. I especially love their pixel art and gorgeous web design.

Yurie Sekiya

The creator of Pero Pero Sparkles. The mix of attitude and cuteness really draws me to Sekiya's work. The mix of mediums is also exciting.

Amenomori Fumika

If you like adorable vintage animal illustrations, you need to know about Amenomori Fumika. She designs a lot of stationary that is too cute to ever actually use.


The illustrator behind Dolly Mix. Sparkly eyes and sparkly hair are trademakrs of Miku's work. You'll have seen her work around before in the form of all those cute, dreamy lolita sanrio merchandise lines.

Yuki Illustration

There's something about watercolour anime illustrations that is so magical and nostalgic. This artist somehow combines all of my childhood favourite manga.

Junko Mizuno

Creepy, cute, sensual, weird. I dream of owning one of her art toys.

Jasmin Darnell

An elegant combination of cute, goth and ero. I especially love her lolita inspired illustrations (can't you tell?) I want to get some prints of hers someday.

Prince Puca

Sarah makes fujin related art in the most unique style. Every illustration is wild and unpredictable. I adore her use of colour.


I've followed Mazu since the Deviantart days. Something about their art has always been so attractive to me.


Ray's poppy, bouncy and colourful style, coupled with their sweet storytelling is so refreshing!


Pencil and watercolour illustrations of dreamy girls in beautiful dressses. Makes you feel like you're in a fairytale.

Kira Imai

Kira Imai is pretty much the lolita artist at this point. Soft, dreamy, whimsical and slightly melancholy. She captures lolita fashion in a way that shows her deep understanding of it.


Cute, surreal, ero, I adore styles like this. Lots of pastel colours and experimental clothing design.

Pumpkin Knives

This artist's work is so varied, but it all returns to being soft and nostalgic. With a bit of ero thrown in. I'd love to own their merch someday.

Nikkori Tonoco

Pudgy girls who sit somewhere between doll-like and alien-like with long legs and striking high-contract colour schemes. The sapphic themes are a lovely touch.

Ocean In Space

Watercolour 00s shojo manga nostalgia! Super girly and poppy. Have you noticed that I really love watercolour yet?