I spend a lot of time on ebay. I don't particularly buy a lot, I just find digging up cool old merch a lot of fun! I like finding good deals and most of my fandoms are kiinda obscure in terms of official merch. Here, however is where i plan to collect the particularly bizarre finds I stumble upon. Expect this page to grow very.. veery slowly. Open image in a new tab to view it full size

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SUPER MAID BROS: Sonic/Snake/Shadow doujinshi
I found this while looking through the general, what you would expect sonic doujinshi on ebay with friends for a laugh and found the one doujin to rule them all. Not only did I discover the listing but I soon found a scanlation of it for me to view and read at my own leasure. You can find it yourself on some sketchy hentai site like I did. I'm not gonna do all the work for you what do you take me for? For anyone who was curious as to the contents: Solid Snake gets spitroasted by Sonic and Shadow while dressed as a maid. Strickly R18. NO LONGER AVALIBLE :(
Official Ouran Highschool Host Club Nazi clearfile
An exceptionally rare piece of Host Club merch! I'd never seen this before and can't seem to find anything about it or even a clean scan of the varient coloured artwork. But this artwork was indeed drawn by the mangaka Bisco Hitori and apparently appeared in volume 10 of the manga (which I have not read) according to Fandom Wiki. I'm sure we're all aware of the Lobellia girl's nazi stint but I never thought I would see the hosts themselves join the SS! I assume this was some kind of promo item sold before the anime? I honestly have no idea but it's hilariously cursed. If anyone has any info on this piece for the love of god PLEASE email me I would LOVE some context for this abomination. Usa-Chan's armband makes me wanna pee my pants that one is the LAST STRAW!!!
DISCLAIMER - I do not support Nazis. This addition to my site is purely to preserve a bizarre piece of anime history
Limited edition Urotsukidōji hentai vhs tapes
While I found these on Trademe (New Zealand's equivalent to ebay) they're still such a facinating find. Two limited edition VHS tapes of the Urotsukidōji hentai ova series. I bought them, obviously and they're now sitting in my bookshelf inbetween the Blues Bothers and Sonic Christmas Blast. This hentai is well known for having popularised the use of tenticals in hentai. It's on youtube if you're interested lmao. NO LONGER AVALIBLE! bc i bought it like a dumbass
Pixar's Ratatoullie: Remmy the Rat PVC figure in jar. Offically licenced Japan explusive.
A PVC figure of Remy the Rat, complete with a jar. Remaking the iconic scene from Ratatoullie when Alfredo Linguini first discovers Remy and traps him in a jar. I do not need to explain why this entry is here. NO LONGER AVALIBLE :(
1 of 1 Custom Female Joker/Anime figure
Another powerful Trademe find of a custom painted anime girl figure which has been styled to look like The Joker from the Batman series. It appears they have used a pre-painted figure of some anime girl and hand painted on the face and socks/collar. I have no idea what the original figure is from or who she was before she became The Joker. Who made this. What the fuck. We really do live in a society, huh? NO LONGER AVALIBLE :(
Tamagochi Illustraion
I found this linked in a lolita discord server. The artwork is listed on Mercari (Japanese Ebay) and is quite stunning. And for a mere 300 yen?? What a steal. CURRENTLY AVALIBLE AS OF 23/07/2022