I loooove DEVILMAAAAAANN!!!!! Are you noticing a pattern yet that none of my main fandoms match my aesthetic??? What can I say. Sometimes when a girl gets home from a long day of being a cute ass bitch she needs to just let her hair down and relax with copious amounts of violence, sex, gore, body horror and teen angst. I haven't explored a lot of Devilman media yet but what i have explored I've thoroghly enjoyed. I jumped on board when Devilman Crybaby came out and never looked back, the original manga and Shin Devilman being my most favorites pieces of media. I'm a biiig Ryo fan. Gay satan deserves the world and I am more than prepared to give it to him. I love him so much I commissioned a painting of him from a friend and he watches over me as I sleep. Apparently guests think it's a bit creepy...

Devilman Merch!!!

Devilman media I have consumed

  • Devilman original manga
  • Shin Devilman
  • Devilman OVA 1&2
  • Amon: Apocalypse of The Devilman
  • Devilman Crybaby
  • Go Nagai's Chibi World

  • I ship Ryokira hard. Can you tell?


    An artwork for the 1987 Devilman OVA. I have nooo idea of the source for this other than it's offical and I stole it from here.

    Some interesting shirtless ryokira pics from ??? some magazine idk

    Exerpts from an unknown publication's interview with Go Nagai. Found it on twitter a year ago. If anyone has the sauce for this iconic interview it would be much appreciated. Dump it in my guestbook or email me or smth.

    Nagai from an unknown magazine. He looks like exactly the man you would expect. Thank got I added this to the site before I made a Cutie Honey shrine.