Oreo cheesecake

This was my first time making a no bake cheesecake and it was suuper yummy. This was for my friend's birthday and I actually found some gay pride oreos to use which he thought was cute lolol.

Chocolate mayo cake

For Christmas, my mum got a copy of B. Dylan Hollis' cook book. So I had to try out the infamous mayo cake. I knew it would work, obviously as the science behind it makes total sense. Mayo to replace eggs, oil and dairy. But I could never have predicted how good it would be!! Those vintage housewives weren't just baking, they were COOKING. Richest, smoothest chocolate cake I've ever made.

Rosewater sponge

This cake is a new favourite of my friends, a rosewater sponge with whipped cream and rose jam from my local international import grociers. I gave some of this cake to my friend who got high, ate some and apparently had a "profound religious experience" so take from that what you will. I had wanted to garnish with sugared rose petals but my landlady doesn't like roses, so I settled for chocolate gratings

Towa cake

I'll be honest, this cake was super mid. It was wayy too sweet. But it had Towa on it, so it was much enjoyed regardless. This was for a joint birthday party between me and my friend.

Easter tea party

I hosted an Easter tea meet for my local lolita community! I made easter bread, egg tarts, sandwiches, flower tarts and meringue nests! As well as homemade strawberry lemonade.

Coconut Ice

I made this using my great grandmother's recipe! I made this for my lolita zine (which is why the photo is so pretty).

Annual Strawberry Cake

I made this for a friend's baby shower using the beautiful marmalade jelly I made.

Marmalade jelly

While not a baked good, I do think this was the greatest preserve I'd ever made and ever will make. It tastes like sunshine and happiness and it took 24 hours for it to strain enough impurities until I could get it crystal clear like this. This jelly was my magnum opus.

Mushrooms on a Log cake

For my friend's 24th birthday. She's been really into mushrooming recently so I created her a chocolate log cake covered in merange mushrooms and coconut for grass/moss. I wanted to look as real as I could make it. The mushrooms are held together with chocolate. I also added blue bubblegum mushrooms to represent the werewere-kōkako mushroom native to NZ.

Donut Cake V2

My friend had her first solo art gallery exhibition!! So I re created the donut cake I made for her years ago. This time I added cake pops so people at the gallery opening could enjoy those, while she could take the cake home for herself. I also made it a lot smaller so that it could all be eaten fast enough.

Mandarin, almond and chocolate cake

I had a graduation party on Matariki this year. The cake was rich and tasted like jaffas, with lots of cream and candied mandarins on top. I also added a little chocolate Ryo on the top because I wanted to make it extra cute. I would love to make this cake again sometime.

Pane di Pasqua

For Easter I decided to try making a traditional Italian Easter bread! This brioche was so rich and fluffy, and the eggs the perfect firm, filling food to eat after such rich bread. The brioche itself went especially well with chocolate! I only made a small batch for my family, but next year I'd love to try dring a big wreath for my friends.

Tea Party Spread

On Waitangi Day my friends and I got together for a tea party! Together we put together this impressive spread. I made the cream cheese cupcakes, fruit custard tarts and strawberry iced tea.

Froggy birthday cake

This cake was for my 21st birthday!! It was a gingerbread cake with a cream cheese icing. It was wayyyy too rich and I barely ate any of it lololol

Strawberry Charlotte

This cake was for a potluck dinner I had with my friends which I hosted at my parents house. The mousse I made was spectacular but the lady fingers which I bought were a bit meh. Still I had always wanted to try a strawberry charlotte.

Strawberry Christmas cake

This cake was for the annual Christmas picnic I have with my best friends. It was a fluffy light sponge with macerated strawberries and lightly sweetened whipped cream. In my country Christmas happens in the summer, so this cake was great and refreshing for the hot weather.

My Melody and Kuromi cake

I made this cake for my 20th birthday. The chocolate figures were so fun!!

He-Man Birthday Cake

I made this using my authentic thrifted He-Man cake tin for my friend's 19th birthday. It was just after lockdown was over so I snuck in to give it to her, it sure was a lot of fun to make. yes it is purposefully ugly.

Threatening donut cake

This cake I made to celebrate my friends latest art gallery opening! She painted some donuts with mouths just like this so I made her a donut cake.

Banana Fish Cake

Made to celebrate the airing of the final episode of the Banana Fish anime. Banana Fish's finale was one of the few times where the end of an anime coencided with a time where I was able to make something! It's a simple chocolate cake with vanilla cream (not banana ; - ; ) icing. This was also my first attempt at making chocolate figures of characters to put on cakes. This first attempt I did with a piping bag and it turned out pretty ok.

Strawberry shortcake

I make these every summer :D This one has my Choromatsu figure next to it because I thought it would make it look extra cute. These are my favorite types of cake to eat.