Banana Fish is one of the best manga I have ever read but that won't stop me from hating it with every fiber of my being. I cannot describe to you how sad this manga made me. But at the end of the day I adore this story. I adore the art, I adore Ash and Eiji's relationship, I adore every thrilling moment of action and horror. It's a brilliant story that will stay one of my favorite manga for a long time to come. I highly reccommend to anyone who is interested in this story (and who has the stomach for it) to give it a look. It's well worth it.

Here are two of my most favorite Banana Fish official arts. To respect Akimi Yoshida I'm not going to fill this page with every official artwork scan I have saved, just these two. The first because I really love it and the second because it's such a great artwork but it's SO RARE especially in colour. i think this may have been from a phone card? The phone card artworks were very... interesting. I sure do wish I could get my grubby paws on some of them. or the baby Ash plush bc that thing is cursed and I love it. The only Banana Fish merch I have is the entire manga and a poster that I got when the anime first started (aka before the merch got expensive lmaooo)

Here is the cover of and some pages from the9 September 1990 issue of COMIC BOX, a japanese anime and manga magazine featuring Banana Fish! These images were taken and provided by @/alpharing_77 on twitter! You can find the original post here. The clay depictions of the Banana Fish cast are very interesting and since this is such an obscure piece of media I thought it would be a good idea to archive it on my website. It also features what appears to be scans of the 1990 Banana Fish calendar. How cool would it be to have that calendar? What is more is that COMIC BOX's english website exists!!! And is very much untouched since the 90s! You can view the old english COMIC BOX website here. How interesting is that lol

I don't know what book this comic is from but these are the only images of it I have seen online. I found it on twitter a long time ago but sadly didn't note down the uploader or URL. But it's a short comic about the moments leading up to my favourite Banana Fish illustration. I would love to find the book this is published in so I could own it someday. If anyone knows where this comic is published please let me know!!