Here is a list of fanworks! The Nu:Carnival fandom has been exploding with content as of late, but due to the fragmented nature of Discord and Twitter it can be really hard to find completed fan projects such as zines and fanmerch. So I decided to make a collection of any good ones I come across here. All of the linked materials are entirely R18+ NSFW. View these materials at your own risk. I am not responsible for any objectionable material you view after linking off of this website. I have not fully read some of the zines as some fic included in the zines is not my thing.


Thots and Prayers - An Olivine birthday zine.

The Carnival Zine - All-ships zine.

Sweet Treats for Edmond - An Edmond birthday zine. WARNING - This zine contains shotacon illustrations. Do not scroll past warning page titled "problematic". Rest of zine is safe tho.


Fan merch

Prince Puca - Prince Puca makes a lot of BL merch

BISHIEPRO - These are the guys who make the fanmade dakis! They are sold on a pre-order basis.