Have you noticed a pattern of how my favourite series don't match my aesthetic? I must have been a goth in a past life. Anyway I'm a big Devilman fan, though I haven't consumed a huge amount of Devilman media yet. I jumped on board with the Devilman Crybaby anime in 2018 and never looked back. It's just such a good story. Ryo is one of my all time favourite characters. This page is for me to share my love of the franchise and give me a reason to explore more of it. So go have a lil lookie at those links above, there might be some fun stuff there! Also this shrine uses iframes. So sorry if those don't work for you!
This shrine is currently under construction! But it should be done in the next couple weeks. I just wanted to get something up for the 50th anniversary. Which is today, the day this shrine goes live! Happy birthday Devilman!!!