Random Devilman stuff

This is where I'm gonna put just,,, random stuff I find. If I ever commission any artwork I'll probably put it here too. I would like to commission some custom fanart at some point... Would you guys be interested in doujin/fanfic/fanartist reccs? That might be fun to add huhuhu

Devilman & Go Nagai images

The cover art for a vintage Devilman OVA doujin. I have no idea of the contents but I stole it from here.

Some interesting shirtless ryokira pics from ??? some magazine idk

A cancelled doll that I would give everything to have JUST LOOK AT HIM AAAAAAAAAAA

Exerpts from an unknown publication's interview with Go Nagai. Found it on twitter years ago. If anyone has the sauce for this iconic interview it would be much appreciated. Dump it in my cbox or email me or smth.

Nagai from an unknown magazine. He looks like exactly the man you would expect. Thank got I added this to the site before I made a Cutie Honey shrine.