Hello! And welcome to the DevilBlog! Where I consume as much Devilman content as I can stand and then I tell YOU about it. I’m not sure if this could really be called a review series, as I’m not really a reviewer and I’m not really recommend you read/watch anything outside of the OG manga. Devilman is a series where if you get it you get it. The girls who girln’t, gorn’t. Y’know? This is all based on my personal opinion only. If you feel differently about a series, cool! Good for you! This is really just a place for me to ramble about what I read/watch. As well as a way to encourage myself to consume more Devilman media and maybe even improve my writing.

This blog will be updated whenever I finish a new piece of Devilman media and want to tell you about it. Please be patient, I’m a slow reader. Also, as of creating this series I haven’t actually consumed that many Devilman series outside of the animes! So a lot of these will be first time reactions, if not first time experiencing them since highschool.

This blog will contain spoilers.

DevilReview system

I will be rating each series under 3 categories.

  • (If you’re confused, it’s just like the Newgrounds rating system ok? Ok.)

    Trigger warnings will be included at the start of every blog entry, as well as an age rating. Please be sure to check these before continuing. As much as I may gush about how cute the characters are, This is an adult horror series. The majority of content in the Devilman franchise is R18. Proceed with caution.