Welcome to my collection page for Colors TCG! The game itself is hosted on Dreamwidth. I'm pretty new to this game, but I'm excited to be here! Thank you for having me ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა

Here you can find my collecting, tradepile and (eventually) my matstered decks! As well as my activity log and trade status.

Level: Strawberry
Joined: 03/04/2024
DW post: ♥ ♥ ♥
Tradepile: ♥ ♥ ♥
Total cards: 987
Total trades: 240
Sketchpads redeemed: 9
X 13 X 5 X 7 X 7 X 10 X 9 X 11 X 6
Activity Log

Recieved dreiumrauf16, teamhappy17, regina10, minidragon01, indra18, kirchen18, killed06, phosphate08 from Reading Between the Lines 403. Traded contemplative11, drawing16, generous15, lapithai15, plainasia04, straysheep19, elbow06 for nomoney08, nomoney13, nomoney17, nomoney19, nohomo13, nohomo19, lovefreak08 to Eli. Traded playmusic17 (slot), daimonas09, topgun06 for vassal16, nohomo04, palicoes02 to Lenga and recieved curewhip07 as a gift.

Traded holypriest09, knight12, striker20, 4minutes09, abettor08, bigkitty03, bigkitty09, blackharu16, crush18, drillsaw09, embrasque04, grimoire17, harihara09, headangel06, livehouse02, manynames18, musicians01, roseneedle04, shattertide10, shugo11, sidecharacter11, sketchbook14, sons19, unseen16 for eve20, blaster16, collapses10, cookbook06, curewhip07, curewhip08, e-droid17, fairy11, goodcop09, innkeeper03, kamichama06, lovehug05, lovehug09, mainstream07, nohomo03, nomoney11, nomoney16, palicoes05, polejump20, reaper06, vjedogonian03, vjedogonian09, vjedogonian20, wahoo04 to Ange. Traded cooperation05, chastiefol17, heritt19, lazy13, lorddeath18, scoop03, spikemuth17, valentine13, taiyaki19, absorption03, spiderweb11 for nohomo07, polejump19, better20, bloodbag02, ecure19, curry02, curry12, palicoes12, wildfox16, ruoye09, ruoye14 to Raie

12/07/2024 - Recieved eyesight06, blueknight06, diary18, sorry15, teach18, poshepocket12, orifiel13, leadguitar11, interaction18, rhapsody15, doubtful08, ilmilione19, chibimoon19, graduate11, 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 2 yellow crayons, 1 green crayon, 2 gray crayons as rewards from turning in sketchpads. Gifted gambler16 to Eli.

11/07/2024 - Recieved professor16, step-sister20, thefool19, temperance02, jenova20, hotice20, bal08, hoshido07 from Booster Bundle 181. Recieved ribika13, aresweis, curecoral11, usagi07 from Switch It Up 244. Traded enterprise12, grusserena10, ifrit12, laughwithme07, lorelei16, ryuuga-tou03, underdome18, cupidsbow02, signlanguage14 for my lovefreak09, vassal17, vassal19, ribika05, ribika06, ribika14, ribika16, ribika17, ribika20 to Lex. Recieved paipai20, gambler16, vivids01, teasing17, 1 gray crayon for leveling up.

09/07/2024 - Recieved supportive01, supportive04, supportive05, supportive06, supportive07, supportive10, supportive15, supportive18, supportive19, laptop17, eroge13, eroge16, maschera12, maschera16, moderator06, moderator11, moderator12, djinn03, djinn15, consultant03, consultant19, wwwa20, plain03, plain05, plain06, plain09, plain11, plain15, plain18, plain20 from Recycled Art. Recieved cherry07, cherry10, paipai13, deadzone01, cherry11, amon13, paipai15, vassal08, cherry13, amon14, holypriest12 from Little Spell Academia 321. Recieved bigkitty03, backpack13, plainasia04, poisons20, vow08 from Most Wanted 125. Traded patissiere02 for postoffice12 to Cloudy. Lost slow03, kia20, euphoria07, hotcakes02 to Switch It Up 244.

08/07/2024 - Traded idealistic07, knightdream01 for ojamajo19, ruoye08 to Mini. Recieved palicoes07, palicoes11 as a gift from Koinuko. Gifted flament11, gingerbread06, incontrol01 to Koinuko.

07/07/2024 - Traded jellysaur09 for dood17 to Leo.

06/07/2024 - Recieved southern19, geisha19, divinerose01, roseneedle04, to-witter12, sidecharacter11, devouring14, jkd12, vacuum14, phonecalls07, x31s12, blackpupil19, perfection11, average12, berry06, beastmage16, taforashia12, survey03, sideburns08, solitary09, galland02, curemelody04, omoro10, cupidsbow02, listener12 from Pick a Color 265. Recieved plans20, knightdream01, license02, ladypoison10, unseen16, aquarius20, stealing18, headangel06, romanticnow10, brunhilde16, idealistic07, lignumvitae09, zodiac14 from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 06. Recieved curse01, kork08, poet10, shock10, talentscout08, d9917, medicinal03, nociceptor20 from Reading Between the Lines 402. Recieved ojamajo11 as a gift from mini.

02/07/2024 - Traded intetsu14 for amon19 to Mini. Traded 7mysteries20, bodymirror06, bodymirror08, confession18, deathboss07, flair18, futureking08, goddesses16, handler06, heir20, pareo10, rakshasa17, scaredy-cat12, senza02, starry05, terapagos03 + a June release slot for exams15, hemingway10, iceblue12, invincible03, invincible05, kamichama04, kamichama05, lovehug09, nomoney20, overlord07, palicoes04, protestant03, shirikodama01, tirnanog03, tirnanog06, valet19, 80s07 to phiphi. Traded error11, ironheart18, pious19 for paipai18, badcop03, badcop10 to Charlotte. Recieved brains14, nohomo18 as a gift from Borabene. Recieved holypriest06, holypriest07, iceblue04, gangboss01, dood09, holypriest10, holypriest09, 80s01, holypriest08, amon09, holypriest11, amon10 from Little Spell Academia 320.

30/06/2024 - Recieved blaster01, polejump01, curry02, sig_ally from Release 170. Traged sig_ally for sig_sephi to Sephi. Recieved grusserena10, anabaseios01, holypriest09, signlanguage14, ollie02 from Most Wanted 124. Traded glacier01, skatepark18, soul02, anguished04, avenger04, cooperation05, teach03, trailblazer18 for holypriest18, kurogamon18, biancaneve04, biancaneve14, biancaneve18, better04, better19, collapses05 and recieved ecure02, fairy07, fairy08, fairy09, fairy10, fairy10, fairytale14, fairytale17, fairytale19 as gifts from ADELICYA. Recieved holypriest20 as a gift from Natalie.

27/06/2024 - Traded academia13, acceleraise11, acceleraise13, boarhead05, figments12, heartcross11, marioness09, marioness15, paperthin10, reviewer05, reviewer15 for nohomo08, valet01, valet16, shirikodama03, shirikodama18, reaper07, curepapaya06, dish03, dish05, dish06, dish11 to koinuko.

26/06/2024 - Traded janbirthday18, flowers08, himecuts12, sakuras10, sakuras16, captains14, octbirthday11, shades01, winter20, sakurait08, maleprotags07, pajamas14, westernmyth14, red15, solidscript10, mascots06, ninjas03, nothingness04, whitewolf16, senti10, thegold08, mundanite20 for vassal18, aresweis16, badcop01, badcop05, cherry12, cherry18, curry04, curry14, eve11, goodcop02, ribika01, ribika03, ribika10, wildfox01, palicoes14, palicoes17, iceblue01, charisma06, charisma20, hungry19, innkeeper07, photographs06 to Adelicya. Traded bartending04, brigid15, bye-bye13, crisp20, darkside09, destination16, dotdotdot03, dotdotdot20, expedition03, figments12, ginkgo20, gsleague20, lazying17, mcgigolo09, midorikaru04, paperthin10, poffins19, pupil12, sariassong04, sleepless13, sons05, starter08, torikou02 for amon12, better20, blaster07, blaster15, blaster19, curecoral01, curewhip17, dogtags02, exams16, filthy04, lovefreak12, mainstream12, mainstream17, nohomo01, overlord03, palicoes16, photographs09, polejump19, protestant12, protestant13, reaper02, seafairy06, vitality06 to Cherry. Recieved fourteenate17, tyrfing19, logos01, bloodtest13, paladyn13, teaching13, prizemaster02, scoop03 from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - day 07

25/06/2024 - Traded root18, honeybeeinn09, bestia13, foretell03, aethiopis19, false04, flament16, marioness09, marioness15, ometeotl20, paperbag09, prettiestboy08, read10, tobari07, 90s08 for dood17, dood18, badges14, wahoo11, paipai17, paipai19, ojamajo06, lovefreak09, vassal11, aresweis15, curry19, ribika04, ribika17, goodcop12, eve09 to ouji. Traded inlovewith07, detailed18, gunpla07, yuris16, rockmusic01, littlemermaid20 for charisma07, curry17, eve07, eve15, awkward09, wildfox17 to Lenga. Recieved madeofcake19, vice-captain14, handler06, crush18, lazy13 from Most Wanted 123.

24/06/2024 - Recieved motivated19, littlewomen17, honeybeeinn09, lordalberion06, littlemermaid20, bubblegum11, pupil12, facade19, straysheep19, valentine13, antisocial17, maracas06, lorddeath18, lightbringer20, trashy15, bathroom09 from Reading Between the Lines 400 - Special Round. Recieved daimonas09, weapons02, flowers08, dollowner06, confession18, prima06, dagger20, livehouse02, father20, nfu02, ears07, barcode14, kuronomei09, yawning09, variable09, entertainment18, rich20, swordvassal19, memorybug19, percussion02, duplicates07, mflove14, tblock04, keyboard15, uniform10, insania15, pandaemonium01, boilingsky01, shakti17, soul02, inherited16, ginkgo20, deathboss07, villagerb04, flintlock10, church17, pro03, postoffice20, craftsman17, uryu18, rat17, cheerio10, zanbatou13, 1 brown crayon from Mastery Rewards for Fourteenate. Recieved realestate14, pareo10, shaft15, heir20, greenshell18, expedition03, surviving08, abettor08, octbirthday11, harihara09 from Shadow Watching 306.

23/06/2024 - Recieved aresweis02, aresweis05, aresweis06, aresweis11, aresweis12, aresweis13, aresweis17, aresweis19, aresweis20, draculina02, draculina04, draculina13, invincible12, iceblue02, iceblue03, iceblue05, iceblue09, iceblue11, iceblue14, iceblue15, iceblue16, iceblue17, iceblue18, innkeeper14, protestant05, protestant07, confident11, nohomo14, nomoney09, nomoney10 from Recycled art. Recieved prettiestboy08, bodymirror06, phonograph13, intetsu14, mana16, brokenhalo16, wuthering06, buttons04, nkpublishing05, scaredy-cat12, sacrament18, sons19, reclusive11, popfilter06, sons05, foretell03, magiaazul13, fleursdumal04, read10, elbow06 from Pick a Color 264. Traded egg15, eager04, tenseiga04 for brokenhalo18, buttons05, mysweet03 to skyfeen and recieved poodle-like13 as a gift. Recieved 2 orange crayons, 1 grey crayon from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - day 07. Recieved fourteenate15, wheelchair19, retak04, heartful01, villager01, reference10, spikemuth17, msr13, pigtails14, windmaster17, countercurse07, seamstress14, diepencil16, ometeotl20, dingjun05, gingerbread06, banshees19, 5stars19, macarons08, anguished04, void10, drawing16, mercurial05, mixcoatl19, jurai04, beastiv11, olympia04, yin16 from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - day 15. Recieved fourteenate17 from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - day 17. Recieved fourteenate19, brokenhalo19, paipai09, paipai10 from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - day 19. Recieved fourteenate18, dood08, amon02 from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 18. Recieved paipai11, paipai12, shoeless16, liberator11, wolfman02, incontrol01, 1 red crayon, 1 purple crayon for mastering brokenhalo, adam. Recieved amon01, amon06, euphoria07, backfire07, sworn03, heavenmaker20, 1 blue crayon, 1 brown crayon from level up rewards.

18/06/2024 - Recieved figments12, vice-captain07, babyls20, tenseiga04, amon20 from Most Wanted 122. Traded gbc04, intetsu09, kurogane09, kurogane13 for amon15, holypriest17, ojamajo04, ojamajo07 to misheard. Traded army10, gensokyo05, sparkling20 for brokenhalo20, poodlelike20, buttons17 to sefikura. Recieved adam19, dood06, fourteenate 13 from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 13. Recieved brokenhalo17, amon03, fourteenate 16 from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 16.

17/06/2024 - Recieved imperfect14, material03, teach03, tooth16, academia13, jellysaur09, nameless10, combatsniper05, azothsword08, sociable16, curse10, antares11 from Hi-5 Radio 255. Recieved ribika11 from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 12. Traded sig_ally, musicstart06 for sig_natalie, hemingway03 to Natalie. Recieved cherry01, brokenhalo15, vassal04, paipai08, vassal06, adam18, cherry02, brokenhalo16, cherry03, vassal07 from Little Spell Academia 318.

16/06/2024 - Recieved saga03, chastity08, midorikaru04, paperthin10, idolizes02, performage16, clash02, isaac06 from Booster Bundle 179. Recieved fourteenate10, adam11, adam12, adam15, dood02, dood04, dood05 from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 10. Recieved fourteenate11, ojamajo01, paipai02, lovefreak02, adam17 from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 11. Lost ribika12 to Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 12. recieved fourteenate12 from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 12. Recieved fourteenate14, paipai03, paipai04, paipai05, paipai06, paipai07 from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 14.

11/06/2024 - Traded body19, sig_ally for wildfox19, sig_leo. Traded chocolate14, memeow10 for backlace09, chinatown20 to Natalie. Recieved cooperation05, chaldeas10, boarhead05, sakurait08, salvation19 from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - day 07. Recieved dotdotdot20, nagashi-bina08, vivictis12, senti10, fleursdumal12 from Most Wanted 121. Recieved kamichama01, kamichama09, kamichama11, kamichama14, kamichama18, ojamajo15, pororin08, fairy09, fairy16, fairy18, reaper01, reaper03, reaper04, reaper08, reaper09, reaper10, reaper12, reaper14, reaper15, reaper19, reaper20, ecure10, collapses02, collapses03, collapses18, badcop07, goodcop13, goodcop14, dogtags03, dogtags08 from Recycled Art. Recieved fourteenate08, adam09, dood01 from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 08

10/06/2024 - Recieved negative06, driftveil04, heavensdoor09, chair12, springfairy07, 4minutes09, strongone13, megaevolve04 from Reading Between the Lines 398. Recieved bestia13, mom02, serena17, 1 orange crayon from dect donation rewards. Recieved kindly14, pakkun13, redgaze11, ssmotor05, kindly12 from No Context Theater 371. Recieved detailed18, intetsu09, onesie08, flament11, flament16 from No Context Theater 372. Recieved ninjas03, familiars08, younggirls15, emblems17, fatherduma05, lightaltar01 from Deck Lover 423. Recieved westernmyth14, graffiti01, barhara08, gensokyo05, companions03, boughs08 from Deck Lover 422. rRecieved dannoura08, fanclub02, electric06, unrequited07, curesword18, unemotional01, sariassong04, flash05, timorf20, 7ofhearts19 from Shadow Watching 303. Recieved adam09, robust09, seconds05, 1 purple crayon as mastery rewards. Recieved brokenhalo12, rancorem06, sexpistols19, 1 red crayon as level up rewards. Recieved fourteenate07 from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 7. Recieved fourteenate09, brokenhalo13, brokenhalo14 from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - day 09.

07/06/2024 - Recieved fourteenate05, inheritance19, adam05, brokenhalo07 from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 05. Recieved fourteenate06 from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 06.

06/06/2024 - Recieved inheritance17, adam02, brokenhalo06, fourteenate04 from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 4. Recieved cabbie05, classvii07, kurogane13, paperbag09, daidoji20, 7mysteries20, onorearcade16, bodymirror08, gunpla07, cabbie05, reviewer05, fleursdumal20, buttons06, texting09, kurogane09, reviewer15, snakewoman10, classvii09, messages03, sportymouse01 from Pick a Color 263. Recieved firetornado18, overpower13, moonside16, xenon13, avenger04, unapologetic06, shattertide10, chairman12, destination16, silly14, 1 yellow crayon, 1 blue crayon from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 3

04/06/2024 - Traded patissiere05, patissiere20, sig_ally for anyone15, brokenhalo05, sig_vampire to notvampire. Traded cousin17, debut16, enanan07, sig_ally for curry15, judge04, judge09, sig_tsukino to Tsukino. Recieved perky01, lax06, faint18, autumnnote01, fuhrer01, lorelei16, poffins19, armorless18, wildfox14, highrank15 from Pokeradar 375. Recieved acceleraise13, figments03, flair18, mcgigolo09, 90s08, memeow10, dotdotdot03, flair16, bigkitty09, acceleraise11 from Most Wanted 120 - Special Round . Recieved bookofd18, ihwedding19, fourteenate02 from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 2.
Recieved anyone16, anyone17, anyone18, anyone19, handheld06, stg05, custos11, madao16, nobunaga07, prettyboy13, peppy17, false04, 1 yellow crayon, 1 blue crayon, 2 gray crayons from Level Up rewards. Recieved inheritance15, deputy08, rareitems15, 1 brown crayon as rewards for mastering Anyone.

03/06/2024 - Recieved fightinggirl12, otoko01, tigerdrive09, bendback17, underdome18, fourteenate01 from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - day 01. Traded aequilibrium18, ao-chan10 for brokenhalo09, poodle-like19 to aroseofmay. Traded kitten02, memeow08 for anyone10, brokenhalo02 to aratakis. Recieved anyone11, anyone12, anyone13, anyone14, bloodbag16, brokenhalo03, brokenhalo04, inheritance13 from Little Spell Academia 316.

02/06/2024 - Recieved tennights13, absorption03, shield01, horseback08, hatari09, belarus18, aethiopis19, springfairy18 from Reading Between the Lines 397. Traded 7thlife06, bigbanana02, harpist11, mara-struck19 for lovefreak01, palicoes03, palicoes18, cherry17 to Moes.

31/05/2024 - Traded doot-doo02, shibari02, reviewer02, mana02 for chibimoon12, curecoral07, curecoral10, kamichama12 to Koinuko.
Recieved filthy13, neatfreak11, otakuwife12, gouchin02, 1 red crayon, 1 brown crayon from Art Shop for 2 sketchpads. Traded 7 grey crayons for anyone02, anyone03, anyone04, anyone005, anyone06, anyone07, anyone08. Traded 5 orange crayons for deathangel05, deathangel07, deathangel08, deathangel11, deathangel19. Traded 6 yellow crayons for inheritance01, inheritance04, inheritance05, inheritance06, inheritance07, inheritance09.
Recieved anyone09, battlebond05, exams05, 1 red crayon for mastering Deathangel.

30/05/2024 - Recieved doot-doo02, poisions01, tirnanog01, billionblast01, patissiere20, crisp20, fine10, fine11, fine12, sig_ally from Release 168.
Recieved anyone01, buttons02, poodle-like02, mysweet02, brokenhalo01, shibari02, reviewer02, mana02, sig_ally, vassal01, paipai01, inheritance11, holypriest01, lovehug01, adam01, anyone20 from Release 169.
Recieved dood03, clerks10, kyous02, dogtags09, dood13, sailorfuku18 from Deck Lover 421.
Recieved buttons01, poodle-like01, mysweet01 as a gift from Koinuko. Gave fine10, fine11, fine12 as a gift to Koinuko.
Recieved chartreux20, kaminokoe13, taiyaki19, dcn-02806, star-shaped11, calnus09, laziness14, kensetsu03 from Booster Bundle 178.

29/05/2024 - Traded queens17, honkhonk17, woof15 for inheritance03, lovehug16, vassal09 to Bugrug

28/05/2024 - Recieved lapithai15, army10, consulting11, class1-a02, knight12 from Most Wanted 119. Traded solarsect05, isotope02, compact08 for ojamajo20, inheritance02, ruoye14 to twotwinks.

24/05/2024 - Recieved striker20, solarsect05, musicstart06, pajamas14, marioness15 from Most Wanted 118. Recieved mascots06, photonray08, chides03, frolic08, gundo20, senza02, orders09, compact08, okikurumi08, solidscript10, pygmy14, tasco12, knightly08, simplicity16, cruxis17, intoxicated12, unicornis01, root18, embrasque04, woof15, neverfails19, crystarium11, bigbanana02, heartcross11, grimoire17 from Pick a Color 262

20/05/2024 - recieved terapagos03, patissiere05, 7thlife06, hein08, memeow08 from No Context Theater 367. recieved 80s02, palicoes20, winter20, sakuras10, secretrealm02, torikou02 from Deck Lover 418. Recieved egg15, animajor18, boardgames10, cousin17, spiderweb11, lipstick16, qingxiao05, choromi12, enthusiast04, scar09 from Shadow Watching 299. Recieved vacuum04, waterfall14, trailblazer18, jpx4808, kitten02, fakekey15, nega08, manynames18, telekinesis04, chocolate14 from Shadow Watching 300. Recieved fantasy08, strongone20, onceupon16, nevarl03, postoffice15, village20, thethorn15, steelmaiden20, manly17, reins05 from Shadow Watching 301. Recieved goddesses16, demikids03, sweatdrops09, yuris16, writers09, gbc04.

Recieved gangster01, doujinka20, mara-struck19, onemillionth06, eager04, debut16, enanan07, nature08, nothingness04, highcycle07 from Pokeradar 372. Recieved thekid01, tobari07, honkhonk17, marioness09, error11 from Most Wanted 117
Traded dice12, hundred09, idolself19, riches08 for deathangel17, deathangel18, lovefreak19, lovehug03 to Koinuko.

14/05/2024 - Traded 18plus07, cardmagic19, hypnos03, otedama04, retroclover04, tv04 for heartshaped12, spellcaster16, harpielady19, ooparts01, mammamia12, baiser12 to drmcasts. Traded heartshaped12, spellcaster16, harpielady19, ooparts01, mammamia12, baiser12, sig_ally for deathangel06, deathangel10, deathangel12, deathangel13, deathangel14, deathangel16, sig_koinuko to Koinuko.

09/05/2024 - Recieved 2 red crayons, 2 orange crayons, 2 yellow crayons, 2 green crayons, 2 blue crayons, 2 purple crayons, 2 brown crayons, 2 gray crayons from Pick a Color 261

08/05/2024 - Traded witchscastle05, beautypath08, distortion03, distortion05, kungfu18, puppy-mode10, wingking16, kaijou16 for deathangel09, deathangel15, cherry06, cherry08, cherry09, curry11, curry13, curry16 to byakkun. Recieved patissiere02, queens17, otedama04, ifrit12, ignihyde02 from Most Wanted 116.

06/05/2024 - Recieved hans15, motiondesign16, skatepark18, smitten18, sparkling20, cain08, captains14, kaijou16, virage04, rorona19 from Kotori's Costume Party 407 . Recieved rebluens16, volatile20, silentboy10, buddypolice10, bishounen19, dedication14, otherworldly06, soulburner14 from Reading Between the Lines 393

05/05/2024 - Recieved ao-chan10, red15, maleprotags07, sakuras16, hyzante18, grandpas03, musicians01, kotobukiya04, silverstar09, himecuts12, janbirthday18, husbands15, 1 red crayon, 1 purple crayon from Lady Luck Slots 155. Recieved empathizes18, sevendays12, disastrous05, profiler03, tv04, rockmusic01, martialarts10, riches08, lazying17, dark06, darkside09, wrongs05, kotobukiya11, noblesavage14, prettygirls06, kurofune07, drillsaw09, soprano02, arthur14, blackharu16, enterprise12, selfdefense03, brilliance15, seviiislands09, brigid15, chastiefol17, hyperai02, inferiority04, silkmoth08, rakshasa17, 1 orange crayon from Colors Concentration 059.

04/05/2024 - Recieved okama11, formation05, ornithology15, whitewolf16, shonichi14, solomon10, himalayan14, starry05, flamek13, express02 from Shadow Watching 298. Recieved neomu02, islife13, body04, greece18, ironheart18, sfyri02, hundred09, tackles01, retroclover04, hotcakes02 from Shadow Watching 297. Recieved thegold08, beautypath08, witchscastle05, mundanite20, billionblast19 from No Context Theater 366

03/05/2024 - Traded minerals06, minerals14 for eve19, ruoye07 to Lee

02/05/2024 - Recieved 3 Ally signature cards from applying for signature card.

30/04/2024 - Recieved minerals14, landlord02, distortion03, chaperone08, bartending04 from Most Wanted 115. Traded to Koinuko chaperone08, hayato08 for deathangel03, deathangel04

28/04/2024 - Recieved puppy-mode10, ryuuga-tou03, goouhanten12, paris01, desert09 from No Context Theater 365

26/04/2024 - Traded cranny15, cranny20 for adam20, awkward05 to bugrug. Traded lempicka18, lovegame11, moros03, nomemory02 for amon04, vassal05, eve03, ribika12 to aroseofmay. Gifted a crayon rainbow by roseofmay. Recieved adam03, adam04, adam07, adam08, adam10, adam13, adam14, awkward01, awkward02, awkward08, awkward10, awkward11, awkward16, awkward18, cherry04, cherry15, cherry16, curry01, curry10, ribika12 from Recycled Art.

25/04/2024 - Traded to Aratakis batto02, batto06 for adam06, adam16. Recieved round05, distortion05, sketchbook14, judge20, generous15, duskmaiden16, keepon18, glacier01, shackles19, hayato08, exactly03, capoeira06 from Directions 194 . Recieved chu-hi12, childarmy18, healingwish02, quinx05, hope09, malefic06, sleepless13, starter08, correct09, moonchild04, megalodon13, outspoken04, kia20, riledup10, hypnos03, crimsoncheer09, hodr17, desert10, kungfu18, riledup15, onewhole11, caferoman13, mei-chan04, harpist11, direthunder12, nomemory02, guardiansbow11, wingking16, eel17, thundersfist18, inlovewith07, followed17, ontheearth11, slow03, caferoman07, 1 red crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon from Pick a Color 260 - Special Round

24/04/2024 - Traded to Koinuko tblock15, ooooo16 for deathangel02, inheritance10. Recieved seafairy11 from Koinuko as a gift.

23/04/2024 - Recieved inheritance12, minerals01, cranny15, 18plus07, batto02 from Most Wanted 114

22/04/2024 - Recieved cardmagic19, baymax14, norad17, sialaluce09, loudmouth08, acewitches04, ooooo16, futureking08 Reading Between the Lines 391

18/04/2024 - Recieved confident02, splash14, pious19, laughwithme07, threemins12, nuisance08, demonlord16, gsleague20 from Booster Bunder 175
Traded to Ange cookbook02 for deathangel20
Recieved amon11, amon17, ruoye06, ruoye12, e-ming15 + 1 crayon rainbow as a gift from Ange

17/04/2024 - Recieved cranny20, generosity13, batto06, cookbook02, heritt19 from Most Wanted 113
Traded to Vampire generosity13 for ojamajo03

14/04/2024 - Recieved inheritance08, inheritance18, paipai14, amon05, death-angel01 + 2 crayon rainbows as a gift from admiral. Recieved moros03, isotope02, seafairy03, riledup09, contemplative11 from No Context Theater 363

09/04/2024 - Recieved idolself19, rieri18, minerals06, awaken07, shugo11 from Most Wanted 112

07/04/2024 - Recieved ojamajo18 as a gift from Tsukinio. Recieved louvre07, crowanima08, dln-06720, shades01, lhantmanor18, gotham05, topgun06, lovegame11 from Reading Between the Lines 389

04/04/2024 - Recieved tblock15, bye-bye13 as bonus joining rewards.

03/04/2024 - Received inheritance16, inheritance14, aequilibrium18, selfish15, dice12, lempicka18, body19, goubian08 from joining rewards.

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