Happy New Yuri

Mood: tired
Reading: Slow Damage, Berserk
Watching:Blind box unboxings on YouTube
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Drinking: Water

Can you believe the year's over already? Damn . I'll be very real, this year has been a bit shit for me. The first half I was pushing myself through my last, exceptionally boring semester of uni and then in the second half I was fucking sICK the majority of the time. I started having some minor heart troubles again, then I got the flu, then my heart issues came back in full force, then I got RSV and THEN my heart issues got bad enough for a hospital stay . Fuck me man. What a pain. Oh well at least I somehow avoided covid. I feel like 2022 was a year that I kinda just needed to get through to move onto better things. Uni's done, I grew a lot personally, I became way more in touch with my hobbies, rediscovered my passion for art and my health stuff is finally getting sorted. I want to be able to start working in the new year. I've been permitted for part time work by my doctor which is great. I have a few jobs I like the look of bookmarked and I found a quite nifty creative recruitment agency I might throw my CV at . I've also been doing some long needed photoshop skill revision so I can throw that back on my CV. I got so out of practice.

Aside from finally getting back into the workforce and saving up some dosh, I have a few other wants to do for 2023! I really want to take more photos. I actually dug up my old digital camera this week and blinged it up olschool decoden style! I got this camera for my 11th or 12th birthday? Honestly I don't remember, it was so long ago. And I used it as my go-to photo taking device right up until 2017! That's when I finally got my first smartphone. But since having a phone with a camera on me at all times I rarely ever take photos! I miss having a dedicated photo taking object. Also, the grainy shit photo quality of the old camera is kind of aesthetic ykno? Like I can take photos of my 2014-16 era lolita dresses with it lololol. I still need to sew a little carry-bag for it and reenforce some of the stickers with some glue. And fix the chunk of camera that has chipped off the side... somehow.
I want to get my photos printed so that I can put them in photo albums! I've thrifted a few really really nice photo albums over the past few months and want to fill them up.

Which means I'll also have to go to more events to take photos at to fill them!! I've got a few exciting lolita events lined up this year, first up is a group trip to the zoo in January! Super soon! Later on this year we'll also be having a big birthday high tea and a big trip to see the royal ballet! If I'm lucky I'd also like to visit Christchurch or maybe Auckland for the anime conventions they have there (Kowhai Fanfest and Overload respectively). I also want to hang out with my non lolita friends more of course. Sadly due to everyone being working adults there's very little time to see friends or have fun. People in their 20s sure are busy. If I have the time I also want to work on my sewing and crafting skills. I've got quite a few projects I'd like to cram in this year. Including some lolita dresses, a 3 piece suit and a con-safe foam yaoi paddle lololol. I also need to repaint my bed.

I also want to indulge in my less productive hobbies more! I want to watch and read more! Just have fun enjoying stuff. Collect more toys and dresses. Have some fun ffs. I'm working on being able to indulge guitlessly. I don't need tlo be productive all the time (even though I feel compelled to be). Hopefully continuing to attend therapy in the new year will also help with this. Since Christmas I've started playing Slow Damage. So far I've only played Rei's route. Rei is so cute oh my god I love him. Shockingly I enjoyed both of his endings, though the good ending where he contronts his gender dysphoria was so incredibly sweet and well handled. Love me a man who can be honest about both loving sweets and fashion, and gets a boner from beating the fuck out of people and eats a huge-ass steak afterwards . That's non-toxic masculinity babes. In terms of manga I've been once again slowly getting through Berserk. Every time I read a few chapters of Berserk I'm so struck by how totaly adorable Guts is. I want to pinch his cheeks. He's too cute. I love him. I want a little crochet chibi plushie of him. I dunno how Miura managed to write the actual perfect man for his dark fantasy manga but he did. Wait no I know how he did, he was inspired by shojo manga duh. But seriously like,, he's passionate, he's emotionally complex and not afraid to show his emotions, he's working on his trauma, he's great with kids, he's protective and he has cute widdle pointy ears! How can you not be in love with him?? Anyway enough of that. I've also started reading Absolute Boyfriend as I got the entire series for Christmas. Super fun and silly and cute. I'm having a great time. And my copy of vol 4 of MDZS has finally shipped so hopefully I'll be reading that soon! I'm bad and I refuse to finish the previous volume before the next ones arrives so I'm not left on a cliffhanger or anything hehe. I also need to get onto starting Heaven Offcial's Blessing. So many books! So little time!

This year I'm spending New Years Eve at home with my parents. I had planned to go to a friend's house, do some gardening, have a smoked fish bbq and enjoy her new spa pool. But she's gotten horribly horribly sick with some kind of evil demon tummy bug . So my parents are going to do a bbq rotisserie chicken instead. No fireworks or anything, once I'm finished this blog I'll probably just watch some anime until midnight. That's about all I have to say, really. See you next year everyone!
Until next time!