Job hunt continues!

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Watching:As Miss Beelzebub Likes It
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Good morning! Great news! I have a job interview on Thursday! It's for an office job. I could get to be a cute office lady hehe. I also had an appointment w my therapist this week and she's going to put me in touch with another lady who can help me find a job (if I don't get the one I'm interviewing for on Thursday, ofc). I'm very excited. I spent the night at my friend Evelyn's last night, she's the one I might be moving in with, and measured out the room I'll be having to see if my stuff will fit. It will! Ahh how exciting! During our sleepover we watched Trigun: Badlands Rumble and I also got to finish watching Trigun STAMPEDE. STAMPEDE was awesome, very interesting and unique take on the manga. Stampede is what Devilman Crybaby wishes it was. Badlands Rumble was,, well it was fun! I had fun. Evelyn is really into Trigun right now, it's nice to enjoy fandom with someone.

On Thursday my BANANA FISH Ash Lynx Ring style figure finally arrived!!!! Ahhh he's so beautiful. He's my first ever scale figure (unless you count PUPs) and I've been waiting for him for sooo long. I preordered him absolutely forever ago. He's just do detailed!! Oh my gosh! I put him on my vanity so that I can look at him when I get dressed every day. Also it's a nice safe place for him, I'm a little scared of putting him up too high since we've had a lot of earthquakes lately. But I can now safely say I'm addicted to scale anime figures. I've fallen down the rabbithole and there's no helping me now. I'm really looking forward to the Slow Damage Towa blood transfusion figure by Native.

Another interesting thing I got this week was this lovely new pair of shoes! I desperately needed a new pair of more formal black shoes as my old ones were on their last legs. It makes sense tho, I got them when I was 17, making them six years old!!! Oh man I'm old. My teen years are well behind me now haha. I wanted to get something I could wear to the office but could also wear casually and even with lolita. I've been very inspired by those jirai kei girls recently. They have the cutest shoes. These shoes are also locally made in New Zealand so they're extra good! They have soft pillow-y soles too. Well worth the price (tho I am a little broke now, only a little tho!!). While I was in town to get my new shoes, I also picked up some cute snacks from the Asian supermarket. I haven't picked up any cute snackies in a while. It would have been fun to get more but alas I'm on a budget haha. Gahh I can't wait till I have a job so I can have lots of spending money again!!! For dinner btw my family had hotpot and it was delish. I love hotpot hehe.

I tried the Pokemon snack last night, it came with a sticker of a little?? Fairy guy?? I had hoped it would be a sticker of a pokemon and not a trainer. I'm not really into Pokemon, but I love cute little critters soo yeah lolol. The snack itself was like a chocolate chippie? Like a cheeseball but chocolate. It was strange but I liked it. I'm excited to try the peach oreos. I'll probably snack on them later this week when I have time to play some more Togainu no Chi. I played Motomi's route this time. He's just a cute gross old man haha. I think I'll do Rin next. He looks cute and fun. I like a silly little fucked up guy character. I've also been watching As Miss Beelzebub Likes It this week and it's very cute. The art style is so pastel and soft and ahhh. It's a cute romcom too, but I'm a bit tired of all the pee jokes. I've been in a soft anime mood recently.

Another fun thing I did this week was change the theme of my phone! I actually bought an icon pack off Etsy so I could have the perfect pastel pink icons. I'm using this beautiful lolita Towa fanart by @gomibako606 on twitter! Please go check out their art, it's so beautiful. I want to print it out and put it on my wall. Oh yes also, in BL game news, the new Nu:Carnival clan member! Rei! He's cute, I'm a big fan already. Sadly he did not come home to me, all I got was the standard Garu SSR. What a pain. I feel like I had something else to talk about this week... But I forgor.. Oh well, if I was able to forget about it, it can't have been that important. Let's all hope for more luck on the job front next week!!
Until next time!