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Hello again! This week has been very interesting. My uncle and aunty and little cousin from Japan came to stay for a couple days. My little cousin is so fun. We made smores and went out for ice cream. She was facinated by the farmland. I guess that makes sense as she lives in the city on Osaka, so she probably doesn't get to see all the animals and fruit trees that often. We picked fresh strawberries together. My uncle also brought me the things I wanted from Japan!! I asked him to bring me some Mewkledreamy merchandise as I wanted to ask for something I wouldn't otherwise bother to pay the shipping for. I'm very happy with what I got. I really love Mew, she's so fairy kei looking. So fancy! And the magical girl items are so dreamy. The original mewklestick and compact light up and make noises and play voicelines, while the 2nd season one just lights up. I really hope the 2nd season is translated fully soon.

On the same day that my family arrived, my two big online orders also arrived!! I got a big order from Prince Puca which included a Devilman sweater, two Devilman keychains and a SK8 the Infinity ADAM x Tadashi art print. I'm not super into SK8, like I like it but I'm not merch level like it. But this print was so out of universe and so pretty I had to get it. I just love the succubus x nun/priest trope haha. (oh yeah did I mention I preordered an Olivine standee from the Nu:C 1st anniversary cafe lololol). I also got my Banana Fish tea set that I've waited so long for!!! I preordered this when I was sick and it's been so long that I'm better now! It's sooo pretty. I dunno if I'll ever drink out of it. I'll probably just use it as a cute decoration or maybe to store jewelry in.

On Sunday I attended my local Autumn harvest fair. The weather was horrible, but I still went and dressed up as an easter bunny lolita and handed out chocolate eggs. I don't really have much to report on it, it was a strange but overall nice day. Then on Monday I binged half of Trigun Stampede. Great anime, I gotta get onto finishing it. Then on Tuesday the logging people came to start logging all the trees around my parent's house. By Friday they should be doing our trees! I've never known a time when the forest wasn't there, so it'll be strange to see it gone. It's being logged as the forest's structure has been compromised by too many trees falling down in recent storms. Causing a risk of all of the remaining trees falling in any future storm in a very dangerous way. As well as the fallen trees falling into fire gaps, so the forest is now at risk of forest fire as well. I think that's what you'd call a catastrophic failure haha. When walking the dogs I've been going a little further so I can see where the logging is happening. It's cool to see the trees fall down.

The biggest thing to happen this week by far though is the surprise job interview I had yesterday! I was interviewed for a job at a toy store and I think it went pretty well. I really hope I get it. But I'm also nervous because if I get it, I'll have to move out!!! Scary. I don't really wanna move out, but I also know I should. I'm almost 23, I need to go experience the world. None of my friends really get why I would be aprehensive or scared to move out because they were all super hype to. But I love my home and I love my parents. My mum is like my best friend haha. And I'm so used to living out in the countryside, I've never known anything else so moving to town will be a big shock for me. If I get the job, I'm gonna need to decide what stuff I can take with me when I move too. The place I'll be moving to is already furnished so I can't bring my cute pink furnature with me sadly. I hope there's room for my lolita dresses haha. I've been rewatching old Princess Peachie videos again to comfort me. Everything will be ok! So many people I know lost their fun sparkle when they have to leave home and get a full time job and be real adults. But Peachie didn't! So maybe I can keep my fun sparkle too. I want to be happy and do fun things. I want to work in a toy store because I love toys! I hope things go well. I feel like I'm too young to be growing/maturing out of my loves and interests yet. I'm only 22! Surely 22-23 isn't that old, but people act like it is. I still feel like I'm just a teenager.

I'm having my university graduation ceremony next week. I can't believe I have a degree. Isn't that weird?? A degree is meant to be some hard to get thing, but I just pissed around for a few years and now I have one. After the graduation is Easter and I'll be hosting an easter tea party for the lolita comm at my house!! Or well my parent's house. We're gonna have a high tea and do crafts and have an easter egg hunt! I'm very excited. And after that well... If I get the job I guess I'll be starting and moving in with Evelyn. I feel like I need to spend the next 2 weeks wisely. Like I don't have much time left to get my affairs in order haha. My days of freedom are nearly over. Oh well, I had a good run.

I guess it's like.. It's the season of Autumn but it's also the autumn of this stage of my life. Things are ending and wilding down in preparation for the next stage. I wonder what spring will bring for me?

Until next time!