The dog is diabetic

Mood: Relaxed
Reading: Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy by Kazushi Hagiwara
Watching: Tokyo Mew Mew New
Listening to: The Casual Criminalist podcast
Eating: Chotolate muffin
Drinking: Water!

Hello again! I'm back! This week has been somewhat interesting, but mostly calm. The biggest piece of news is that my dog Hamster is diabetic. Now I inject him with insulin twice a day with breakfast and dinner. He's feeling a lot better now, I had assumed he was just ykno getting old and dying. But nope! Just diabetic. But that's good news as that means he'll live a lot longer now. I really like my dog Hamster, he's my best friend. He's blind but that doesn't stop him from being a little shitter. Currently he's asleep under my desk. He likes to sleep there. He likes being under things and he also likes to be close to me so it's the perfect place. At night he sleeps under my bed like a little monster.

I finally got all of the Christmas decorations up. We're not really doing anything for Christmas this year, but I still enjoy putting them up. Oh and my PC came back from the shop finally. They... Had no idea what was wrong with it or why it was restarting randomly. No crashes happened while it was in the shop and there wasn't any evidence of anything going wrong soooo idk who knows maybe I just hallucinated it happening. It's nice to finally have my PC back tho. I missed you baby.

Since I got it back I've been working on some Nu: Carnival pixel dolls. I've been super hooked on that game this year. I got it week of release and haven't been able to put it down. I think I talked about it in my last blog didn't I? Oh well, I'm currently working on a shrine for it. In the latest event I managed to pull both Edmond and Blade. I'm so lucky!! Probably used up all of my luck for the month ;v; Tomorrow i have an appointment with a cardiologist. I'm not looking forward to it. Either they're not gonna test me and I'm gonna have to fight for it, or they are gonna test me but the test is gonna fuckin hurt .
I've started knitting some legwarmers! It's summer here right now, which means hopefully I'll have some fun legwarmers (and other stuff huhuhu) in time for winter! I also want to make a scarf, some fuzzy hair clips and maybe some mittens. I wanna do like a fairy kei lolita look in winter. I love the fairy kei aesthetic, I just prefer lolita. Like I like the cohesiveness of it. I also (strangely) find the tight fitted structured clothing very comforting. And the rules to follow are also comforting. But I'm excited to wear my legwarmers in winter! I thrifted nine balls of this flash as pink and rainbow-y wool for $20!!! Can you believe it??
I also want to do some cute lolita cross stitch. And some sewing. God I have so many crafts I wanna do. Oh yeah and I applied for some jobs and didn't get them . Booo. Why would you not want me, I'm an amazing worker! Oh well.
On Friday I'm taking the train to Wellington for Armageddon Expo. I'll be spending Friday going shopping with a friend and then on Saturday is the con. I'm very excited. It'll be International Lolita Day on Saturday too and we're going to a high tea at a flash cafe. I have my coord all packed up already. I'mm be lugging my heels around in my backpack all day Friday but I'll be worth it to be cute as fuck at the meet. I'm so excited to meet lots of new people!! I've missed out on multiple big meets this year due to sickness. NOTHING is getting in the way of this one.

I think that about wraps up my week. Next time I see you it'll be after the con! And I can tell you all about it and share lots of fun photos. Having a blog again is nice. It's like getting to sit down and chat to someone about how your week has been. I think I've needed that in my life.
Until next time!