Lolita quiz

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  1. How and when did you first get introduced to the fashion?I would've first encountered lolita around 2017 on YouTube or Tumblr. I recall Princess Peachie being one of the first lolitas I saw, her unboxing of Cotton Candy Shop by Angelic Pretty was the dealbreaker for me. I just needed that dress.
  2. If you could only pick one: prints or solids? Prints!!!
  3. Do you have a favorite type of lace? Not really, though I am very partial to solid cotton ruffle lace.
  4. Favorite place to go wearing lolita? Out shopping in the Wellington CBD! Especially around Cuba Street.
  5. What does your wardrobe mostly consist of? Piiink. Mostly pink, white and a little bit of red.
  6. Do you have a favorite lolita/does anyone inspire you? My first favourite lolita was Princess Peachie, who I'm still rather inspired by. But now one of my other huge inspirations is Sweet Lullabai.
  7. Are you in a community, or are you a lonelita? I'm in a wonderful community where I've made so many friends. My local country community is something I am very proud of.
  8. Favorite type of lolita content? (dress reviews, tutorials, handmade/sewing, annual wardrobe posts, get ready with me, anything!) I'm a sucker for vlogs and blogs!! I wanna see what people get up to on their cute, girly, nerdy days out. I also really enjoy handmade/crafting tutorials.
  9. Do you have a favorite lolita youtube channel? See the above two favourite lolitas lol
  10. Do you prefer casual lolita, somewhere in the middle, or OTT? My coords generally lean more towards casual, but I would like to start dressing them up more. I especially want to start doing more complex styles with my hair and headpieces.
  11. What's one item you have that you would never sell? My home made dresses! They're far too precious.
  12. What's one item you regret buying? I haven't bought enough items yet to regret any of them. I'm verrrry picky.
  13. First ever purchase? Cream Strawberry by Alice Girl.
  14. Most recent purchase? Some pink offbrand Taobao tea parties.
  15. Do you have an unpopular opinion about the fashion?I actually really love the name "lolita" for the fashion. I think it's a very beautiful name that suits the themes of the fashion well. Many lolita brands describe their clothes as being something to help women take back their girlhood. Doesn't that make sharing the name Lolita with the infamous novel all the more poetic? Does using this name not take back it's innocent nature from those who would tarnish it? The ties to Saint Dolores give the name a gorgelously gothic flourish. Too bad most people can't comprehend such a complex backstory to a name.
  16. Favorite coord color combinations? Pink, white, yellow and blue! I've always loved that combo, it's like candy.
  17. What's a brand you don't own many things from but would like to? I need more Angelic Pretty...
  18. What's the best feature a dress could have? A lot of boobie room, please.
  19. Do you remember the first dress you ever saw? do you still like it? Cotton Candy Shop by Angelic Pretty Happy pack JSK in pink... One day I will own her...
  20. If you could only keep one pair of shoes, which would they be? Any pair of pink Sheep Puff shoes. They're always so comfortable.
  21. Do you have a favorite brand mascot? Usakumya!!
  22. Do you prefer bigger brands or indie brands? I actually really prefer indie, hand madepieces. Especially when it comes to accessories. I spend a lot of time drooling over the works of collectives such as Kawaii Stars.
  23. Favorite place to shop? I get the majority of my items from Mercari, but I'm really excited to visit La Foret next year!!
  24. Favorite pattern? (stripes, polka dots, florals, anything!) Plaid!!
  25. Favorite thing about the fashion? Getting to feel like a princess.
  26. Least favorite thing about the fashion? Sometimes people are rude or violent towards me in public. It can be pretty scary.
  27. Which animal do you enjoy seeing the most in dresses/accessories? Bunnies!
  28. Favorite platform for lolita content? (other socials, blogs, anything!) I love Instagram for lolita, tho all the cute Japanese lolitas are on Twitter.
  29. Favorite hairstyle when wearing lolita? While in the past I always more it down, I've become a huge fan of twin tails!
  30. Are you nostalgic for anything that doesn't exist anymore? I wish I could have visited Takashita street while it was in it's prime. Harajuku is still a lolita hub, but it's long since migrated away from the street that is now swamped with tourists to both Japan and to fashion in general.

Quiz from Nuzzle on Tumblr