Long weekend

Reading: Captive Heart
Playing:Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Listening to:Nothingg

Hewwo guess who finally decided on a set of permanent emojis ehehe.
I can't believe October is almost over already. Zinefest went incredibly well! I sold uhh around 10 lolita zines and ended up winning an award!! My zine won Best Collaborative Zine It was a suuper fun day, just hanging out, meeting people and of course collecting zines. I wanna do a video tour of my zine collection at some point. Or maybe a webpage on it. Not sure yet, but whatever it is, I'm gonna save showing the zines I got for then. It was so nice to see some of my lolita friends at zinefest as well! They came to support me and give me candies I tabled with my friend Cassie so it was also nice to get to spend a day with her! I haven't gotten to spend the day with her since January so it was really fun to catch up. We wanna have a movie night sometime this summer.

The next weekend one of my best friends D bought her first house!!! Well she bought it a few weeks ago, but this was when she brought all of our friends over to spend the day working on cleaning it. It was pretty filthy, but it's a beautiful 1950's home. She's gonna make it real nice. And she treated us to pizza which was awesome. It's been so nice getting to see my friends so often since I moved to town D took Evelyn and I on a thrifting trip on Friday which was really fun. We saw lots of weird stuff, got to pet a kitten named Michael and even had cheesecake! The weather was wonderful too. It's so sunny right now. This weekend I have something super exciting coming up, on Friday I'll be going to see the royal ballet with my lolita community!!! I've never been to a ballet before, so I'm super hype!!! We're also gonna do high tea and go shopping. And then I'll be staying with my friends Drew and Gemma and their baby Ame! I haven't seen her since January either, she's so big now!! I wonder if she remembers me (probably not lmao)

In terms on media, I've been consuming a lot of total garbage. I've been playing some baddd bad bad bad bad bad bad blvn with some neos friends who would probably prefer to go unnamed. We can't all be the pink fujo queens of neocities I suppose. I've also been going hog wild on Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Oh and I'm highly anticipating the upcoming Nu:Carnival event as I suspect it will be an Olivine event and I need to support my boy.
In terms of actually good media, The Apothecary Diaries anime adaptation is finally out and it's sooo good!!! Please do watch it. I love Maomao so much.

Ok that just about does it I think. Sorry I don't have much to say in these blogs anymore. I think,, because I'm happier now I need them a lot less as an outlet? Anyway.

Until next time!

AP's new dress that I want so bad but alas I don't have the funds for right now. I'll just have to pray to the aftermarket gods :(((