Love from the other side

Reading: Berserk
Watching:Nanatsu-iro Drops
Listening to:Fall Out Boy

Salutations! This week was a mixed bag of very exciting and not exciting at all. My final week at home draws near. Eight days to go baby!! Last Friday mum and I took a whole heap of my stuff over to my new place and did some serious cleaning and unpacking. It was spider genocide. I'm gonna have my own bathroom as well as a bedroom! Not all of my stuff is in yet obviously as I haven't actually moved yet, but here's how it's lookin. Pretty nice right?? I'm so excited. The stuff has been put kinda randomly on the shelves. Hopefully it'll all settle nicely when my PC desk gets in. I'm a little worried the desk might make it hard to open my wardrone tho. Oh well!! I'll figure it out I'm sure. Ahh It's so scary and exciting. Am I really capible enough to look after myself?? My friends say I'm mature and capible but just lacking perspective. Who knows.

The other very exciting thing that happened this week was I went on a wonderful day trip on the train to Wellington! We had a really nice breakfast at the cafe at the top of the cablecars, then went wandering about the city! I love Wellington. I've always wanted to live there. I really wish I was moving there instead of where I am moving to haha. One day. I'm just in love with the culture of the city, the architecture, the art scene, the people, just all of it. It's my goal to live there one day and just enjoy the art of the city. I always feel so inspired and rejuvinated after visiting, I don't think I could ever get sick of the place.

Following our shopping adventure we picked up the first proof of my zine. No pics bc spoilers. Also bc it needs work. But that's ok. After that we went to some museums and then had maccas for dinner before going home. I was exhausted. I also surprisingly didn't end up buying that much. I did however discover that Pulsar Max now has a BL section alongside their regular adult section. Didn't get to look for long tho, but finding a copy of Sugar Sugar Rune was pretty sweet. Today, since this excursion was yesterday, I spent the entire day in bed doing nothing bc I am broken after such a long day in town.

In terms of media, I've taken a brief break from watching Patalliro to watch the short magical girl anime Nanatsu-iro Drops. It's cute and fluffy. I also finished playing Togainu no Chi. Shiki's route was hot but hit endings were kinda eh, except for the slut Akira ending I guess lol. I liked the bitter-sweetness of the good ending but idk it left me wanting more. And the other bad ending. Uh. Yeah ok we're just not gonns talk about that. And Nano's route was cool. I think Nano is cute, but I wish he'd had more screentime. Maybe a couple of bad endings as well. In the end Keisuke ended up being my favourite. Once I'm settled into my new place I plan to start playing Lamento.
I've also been reading Berserk again. Schierke is my favourite character overall, but I don't rlly dislike any character. I kinda love everyone lol. Yes even Griffith. I've also been becoming very attached to Farnese. Her character development is just so beautiful. I wanna read the series slower so I can enjoy it for longer lol. Oh and of course the new chapter of Nu:Carnival came out. Lotta new into this time holy fuck!! I sense we're getting close to some angst mwahahaha. I'm so excited for the next chapter. Ok well that about does it. The next time I blog it'll either be right before I move or right after I've moved!! Exciting!
Until next time!