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Hello again! Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate! Another blog, another fun week down! I guess I should start from where I left off last week. My solo day in Wellington. It was great!! I walked a huuuge loop from the station to Cuba, down Courtney, through the Sunday market, into Te Papa and down the entire waterfront right back to the station.

My first stop was Maccas for a feed but my second stop was the new Pulsar Max location! The new place is so much better than their old upstairs place oh my god. So much more roooom and it's not a bajillion degrees in there. I got a copy of Mistress Fourtune (which you saw in my last blog). I haven't read it, but it looks cute and was cheap. On my way through town I dropped into Wellington Collective and picked up the most adorable ring!!! It's a little um crochet?? Flower!! By the same person I bought my fluffy My Melody hair clip off of.

At the markets I gawked at the price of cherries and perused the food trucks. It was SUCH a beautiful day in town. The ocean was so beautiful. I'm so glad i walked all the way out there. On my way down the waterfront I popped into Te Papa and viewed their art gallery floors. There was a beautiful exhibition on colonial NZ painting and another on colour. Yes I sat down and watched a Len Lye film bc I'm a nerd. I've been transfixed by Len Lye's work since I first saw Colour Box when I was like 11 at Wellington City Museum. I also popped into the Wellington Portrait Gallery

While wandering down the waterfront I picket up a very overprinced churro. On that day there was a big bike race going through the center of town, so a lot of roads had traffic cut off which made it great for walking. I don't go many places by myself, so that day was really nice and peaceful. By the time I got back to the station though I was exhausted and flopped onto my bus and went home . And you know what I came home to?? My lolita secret santa package!! My secret santa got me WAY too much stuff omg a bajillion necklaces and rings and a blouse!!! You can see them all on my lolita wardrobe page!

The rest of this week up until Saturday was very quiet. I needed a rest! I did make a cute little Aoba keychain! I also bought a box of cherries and devourd them. I really love cherries. Oh and I planned a comet-viewing party for the 1st of February! My friend Evelyn will be coming over to view this comet. I'm going to make a blueberry pie for it.

Ok ok onto the rest of the cool shit. On Saturday I went to the Whanganui Vintage Fair! I wore lolita and handed out candy for the day. It was a really great day out! Lots of cool people dressed in vintage and steampunk and the kids loved me lol. I handed out about 3kg of candy. I didn't get any photos but I know photos were taken of me so I'll pop them on my blog if I ever find them. I was also uh accidentally entered into a steampunk competition lmaoo. I kept getting asked to enter the fashion show so I finally caved and they were like ok cool steampunks go on stage now - that means you bub. And I'm like ??? What part of me looks steampunk??? But I went on stage anyway pfff. It was weird but fun, I had fun! It was a good laugh if nothing else.

I totally got sunburnt and a little bit of heatstroke tho. I 100% over did it yesterday. I woke up so sore oh god. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be better. I need to get onto some sewing. Time just goes by so fast. I wish I was a robot so I didn't need to waste time eating and resting and sleeping and healing and I could just keep going and doing and making fun stuff.

Here's a collection of photos from the past week.

Also LOOK AT THE UPCOMING NUC CAFE OH MY GOD SOMEBODY TAKE ME JAPAN QUICK QUICK. Fuck I actually need some merch from this release. I want a Olivine standie so fucking bad hnnnn

Until next time!