Hello world! First blog!

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Hiya! Welcome to my first blog entry!!! I haven’t done personal blogging in many many years, since I was like 15? Maybe? I used to blog a lot when I was younger but then ykno social media became a thing and also I just didn’t have anything to talk about. Highschool is pretty boring. But now I’m a cool adult who does cool things B) … Sometimes…
This Saturday I had my annual Christmas party with my best friends. We’ve had a Christmas get together of some kind every year since 2014! We do a present swap as well, it’s great fun. This year we went out for yum cha at a family sort of restaurant as we didn’t want to get kicked out of somewhere fancy for unwrapping presents lololol. Why are we having our Christmas party in mid November you may ask? December is busy as fuck!!! Do you honestly think anyone has time to do stuff they actually want to in December???

I’m very proud of the gifts I gave out this year. I put in a lot of effort to find things that my friends would absolutely love. I’m the only one who’s still living that kind of teenager-y life (I just finished uni so like I’m taking a break lol. What can I say I’m a late bloomer). The coolest present I gave though was this cross stitch of a ship from Mass Effect for my friend Evelyn. She loved it so much she screamed!! I’ve never played Mass Effect so I don’t know anything about it, but she likes it so I did my best.
Here are the presents my wonderful friends got me!! I’m so spoiled! I’m very excited to do the kids, especially the little dollhouse one. I want to learn to sculpt in the future, maybe I can make a tiny Ryo and Akira to go in the dollhouse and have a coffee date. The fancy body scrubs are sooo nice as well, I smell like bubblegum.

This was my outfit! I wanted to be a bit Christmassy but not like,, overwhelming because it’s still November so I went with my BDSM rockabilly dress (it has kinky ladies all over it lol) and these adorable red mary jane platform heels that I thrifted for $10!!! Can you believe it?? And the strawberry purse my friend Danica made for me. I love my friends

Coming up I have some medical stuff happening next week, it’s a little scary but hopefully it’ll be ok!! My PC is also in the show right now after it was having some issues I think something was jiggled loose while it was shipped to me? I guess I’ll find out when they get onto it. I really wanna do some pixel art but I hate doing it on my laptop, we’ll see if I can push myself to do it. I really wanna do some Nu Carnival pixel dolls. I’m really into this game btw, it’s super fun and I love all the boys. Olivine is my favorite. Will you be pulling for the next event? I’m a big fan of both Blade and Edmond so I’ll be trying for both this time. Blade’s maid dress is so cute I could cryyyy. I also have some sewing to do this week. I need to finish off a secret santa project! I also want to (finally) start making my first lolita JSK. I’m currently waiting on some fabric to make a baby dress for my friend’s little girl to come in too.
Ok! I think that about wraps up like my whole week. I wanna try blogging weekly if possible, like a diary. But a cool epic diary. I’ll come up with a better way to sign off my blogs too at some point. But for now, cya!!