Lucky week!

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Hello again friends! After such a hectic week last week, this week has been kept very very chill. Immediately after my last blog entry, the new Nu: Carnival event began and I pulled both the event SSR Garu and Blade in my first pull!!! I can't believe my luck. And then I PULLED GARU AGAIN!!!! SR event Quincy has refused to come home tho. Maybe it was a bit greedy of me to try to get all 3 after a first pull like that haha. I shoulda saved my contracts for the next event rip. The A/B/O event has been really good. I'm still kinda shocked they did an A/B/O themed event also with military uniform aesthetic thrown in there?? Also Garu and Karu's character development ughhh. I love them. Ok anyway literally right after I played the first half of the event, I got a shipping notification from Amiami for my Banana Fish Ash Lynx ring figure!!! My baby boyyy he's comin home!!

Since we're on the topic of mail, today I got one of my final ever Book Depository orders in the mail. Vol 3 of Dandadan and vols 1 & 2 of MADK. MADK is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, it was one of the first dark BL manga I ever read wayyy back when vol 1 came out. I'm so excited for vol 3 to come out but I have noo idea how I'm going to order it lololol. I also had a crazy amazing day thrifting on Tuesday with my mum! We went out early and hit aaall the good op shops! My first find of the day was a Lil Miss mermaid doll in wonderful condition! Her hair was so good that I was able to retail most of the original ringlets!!! Then at the next store I found a Playboy Bunny bracelet??? and then a FURBY PLUSH BACKPACK????? AND HE WAS ONLY $12??? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THOSE FUCKERS GO FOR ON EBAY??? Oh my god bro. And then and THEN I found a fucking Itchimatsu plushie just??? in a thrift store. That's insane. How? Literally how?? I got a few other bits and bobs as well, a cute earring hanger and some nice shoes and a sweater. Mum also took me out to a really nice lunch hehe

Oh yes I also got a very cute pink denim skirt that I altered! I brought in the waist so it fits me (I have a terrible problem with my butt being too big/waist being too small and always having to buy pants/skirts a size larger than needed). I also shortened it and added some cute lace! I might add a cute patch or do some embroidery on it and some point in the future, but for now it's cute as it is. I also turned an old garbo crappy taobao lolita dress into a cute pillow! I have enough fabric left to make a 2nd matching one as well. I just don't have a pillow inner, so I'll need to keep an eye out for nicely shaped pillows while op shopping. I've been feeling very crafty recently. I've been doing a lot of work on the zine. I think next I'll make some kind of cute wall hangings just bc I can and I have lots of cute scrap fabric.

I didn't get the toy store job by the way haha. Oh well. It's their loss!! I applied to an office job last night that had really nice looking pay. I've been browsing the job websites every day just in case something good comes up. It would be nice if I heard back from the design position I applied to. I'd be on cloud 9 if I just got an interview. I'm wanting to be more seriously looking for work now. I think I'm getting a little bored at home. There is such a thing as too much free time I guess. I also want to be closer to friends. I think I spoke about this before, but it's a very strange feeling now that I know everything is ok with my health and that I have a long life ahead of me. Like I don't really have any goals or anything anymore. What do I do with all this time?? There's so much life ahead of me The only goal I have in life right now is to go to Japan. Maybe make more zines and do more sewing and crafting sure but... I don't really have any big plans anymore. What do I dooo?? I thrive in a routine, so I think going back to work will help me a lot. But like maybe,, not a shit workplace lmao. My last job was so awful ugh. A sudden topic change, but recently I've been thinking about quilting and book binding. I want to make a nice pink quilt for my bed. I also want to try printing out and binding all of the fanzines and fic I have downloaded. I have.. So much Devilman fic I want to print out and bind beautifully If you're into ryokira, you should really check out LowerEastSide on ao3. Their work is so GOOD hnnnn. I wish I could write sometimes, but I can't, so I'll just have to try binding their stories into a book just for me!! Ok, I think that's about it for this week. Hopefully next week I return with news of a job interview! God I hope so
Until next time!