Pork cutlets...

Reading: Meshinuma
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Good evening everyone! This week I finally made and finished another lolita dress! I wanted to get it done in time for the lolita meet I had planned for Sunday, and I did! I got rather frusterated working on this dress though. I got very bored of working on it, I think it's because I decided to make two structurally identical dresses back to back, which made me a little bored. So it was a struggle to finish but I got it done. I need to add this and the last one to the site soon. I didn't do much else apart from sew this week. I worked on the lolita zine a lot and drew a cute artwork of Towa. I'm entering a bit of a Slow Damage phase oh no. I joined a Slow Damage Discord server and now I can't stop thinking about it.

Therapy this week was very good. It made me realize how much I've improved and now I'm doing better every day. I only have one more appointment left and I'll be discharged! After my appointment I popped into a local thrift store and found a baby Keypers toy!!! It's a little honey bear! It was in rough shape when I found it (very very dirty and very frizzy hair). But I gave it a good scrub with some chemco pink paste and a toothbrush and gave it's hair the boining water treatment and it looks so much better!!! I love these kinds of mid -80s to mid 90s vinyl toys. So soft and pastel and cute. I wanna find more of them.

The lolita meet on Sunday was wonderful, by the way. The three of us went to a lovely little cafe and got some really yummy Harajuku stype instagrammable milkshakes and some cute cakes. After that we went for a wander around the mall. So not the biggest day but still a nice day! I made cookies for them too! Hazelnut and chocolate. I have some excess dough in the freezer, maybe I should make some for myself. We got some really silly funny pictures too.

This coming week my uncle will be visiting from Japan! So will of course will my aunty and little cousin. I asked my uncle to buy some stuff for me to bring over from Japan so I hope he comes through. I sent him links to some Mewkledreamy merch. Sadly I'm not hardcore enough to ask my uncle to pick up lolita or god forbid BL merch. And then on Sunday I'll be going to the local Harvest Festival! I want to put on an Easter-y lolita coord and hand out chocolate eggs hehe. Gosh the month has gone by so fast already. It's almost April!!! How???? My deadline to find work and move out is getting closer. I applied to a job at a toystore! I really hope I get it. I'm looking forward to moving in with Evelyn. I'm slowly adjusting to the idea of leaving home and also leaving my dogs. We need to talk to the lady whose house she's house sitting together.

Today I had the most adorable Towa acrylic keychain arrive! Look at hiiiim!!! I'll link the store here. I just can't stop thinking about Slow Damage recently aaaa. I joined a Discord server for it. I've also been trying to get back into reading manga this week. I read a lot more of Bastard!!! and I also started Suicide Girl . It's a really good little manga so far. I've also caught up on Meshinuma hehehe. Highly reccommend that one . I want to eat some nice fried pork cutlets.

I've been enjoying life this week. My therapist said I should try to practice mindfulness more, but I think I'm already pretty mindful. This blog is really helpful, it lets me reflect on all the good things every week. I've enjoyed relaxing and going out and making and baking. I had some really nice fried chicken on Wednesday. I want to take more photos of my food. I think this week I'd like to try get around to playing some more Sweet Pool. Oh! that reminds me, the new Nu: Carnival chapter! Stressful!! I want more story right now. The first anniversary cafe merchandice is finally avalible on the website, I think I might have a go at ordering the Olivine standee. I've been in a merch mood recently. Is that bad? All that consuming? Who knows. But I'm happy!
Until next time!