Patalliro has taken over my life

Reading: MDZS: vol
Listening to:Birds chirping outside my window

Cor! It's been a while! Hello again! I've been both busy and totally not busy at various points of the last, what, two weeks? So there wasn't really any chance to write a blog, but now there is! Where do I even start? I guess I'll start with the job interview I discussed last time. Didn't go well, didn't get the job haha. It's a shame, but not to worry as I've been referred to a job search service for people with disabilities and recovering from periods of illness! I had my first meeting with them on Tuesday and it went really well. They're gonna help me find a job!!!! Wooo!!! I've also started sorting out and packing some things for moving. My plan is to move once I score a job, but I want to have my stuff mostly already packed so it can all happen in one trip. I've been getting rid of lots of stuff, books I don't read and clothes I don't need. It feels good, feels like I'm moving forward. I also got a haircut yesterday, my hair is nice and short again! I feel very fresh

On Saturday I was a guest speaker volunteer at a rainbow youth group. I did a talk on zines, what they are, their history and how to make them! It was a lot of fun and I felt very honored to be invited to be a guest speaker at anything. The kids were really nice and did not at all mind this boring cishet aunty coming to their meeting. I had assumed the youth group was aimed at queer teenagers, but it's actually aimed at any teenagers as a general youth group, it's just run by queer staff at the local museum! They noticed a lot of kids got dropped off around that area with nothing to do on weekends and they decided to make a fun safe place for them to hang out. They had snacks and craft supplies, it was really neat! It's free and also they can go check out the museum afterwards. I was given a cute little goodie bag to take home afterwards. Oh yeah and I showed a preview of this year's lolita zine and the kids loved it. Made me feel very good about the zine haha

The zine is almost finished by the way! I'm just waiting on a few photos for an interview, then it's just a little more editing and finding a printer!! How exciting!!! I'm really proud of this year's issue, I can't wait for next year's. Another fun thing I did in the past week was scrapbooking. In my quest to clear out all my junk and decide what I'm taking with me, trashing, donating or storing, I had to reckon with my hoard of "cute paper goodies". I suck at throwing away cute packaging. So I decided to put all of it in a super cute scrapbook! And ohhh bow she is CHONKY. I put some pictures of it there, as well as the new Towa dress up heat print I got in the past weeks. Yeah I had a lot of merch arrive in the past few weeks! The Towa print is heat activated, so when you warm it up his clothes disappear. I made a little pocket for it in my scrapbook, but I'm hoping I'll be able to display it on my desk or something when I move

My special edition copy of MDZS volume 5 finally arrived and I devoured it. It's such a good book ahhhh oh my god I love lwj and wwx so much. I wanna get some little figurines of them. I finished the main story but I haven't finished the extras yet. I also hope that maybe I can put one of the posters up on my wall, I wanna frame it. But I already have 3 framed posters... I kinda wanna get different frames for my anime posters, more antique looking ones. Oh and also my Slow Damage offcial works artbook arrived! It's so pretty oh my god. The art is just gorgeous, I'm in awe. I'm so glad I got it, I want to get more art books. I also kinda wanna get some Slow Damage standees... I rlly want a Towa one, I love Towa so much!!!

For Mother's Day my Mum and I visited my grandparents and they were very happy to see us. Grandma was very chatty so we chatted away for aaages. And Grandma gave me my Easter and Graduation presents! A cute lil gift basket full of choccy eggs that I scoffed and $200 in graduation money!! She told me to buy a nice piece of jewelry with it so I need to be on the look out now for something cute lolol. I was considering getting something from Bisou Lovely. I know it's plated costume jewelry, but it's plated silver, so it'll still be super cute once any plating wears off. I've started to collect quite a bit of silver jewelry. Always check the jewelry section in thrift stores! People often buy plated silver jewelry and donate it when either it tarnishes or the plating rubs off! But it's still perfectly lovely silver!!! Oh, the photo for this section is a pair of lolita shoes that arrived in the past few weeks, I also ordered a cute sailor blouse. I need to update my lolita wardrobe.

Finally onto media! As you probably noticed, I filmed a new room tour! This is a goodbye to my room at home basically, as soon as I finished editing it, I started taking stuff down. I'll film a new one when I move and am settled in. Apart from finishing MDZS the biggest media for me these past few weeks is I started watching Patalliro! I am. OBSESSED with this show. I've been watching an episode or two almost every night, and I watched one of the live stage shows as well! It's such a fun and silly slow and the art is SO BEAUTIFUL I'm actually obsessed. Please watch Patalliro! You will not be disappointed. It's just so stupid and absurd and homoerotic for no good reason. My favourite character is Patalliro himself, he's just so cute and silly. I love silly kid characters and Patalliro takes the silly kid-ness up to 1000. I also adore Maraich. God I wish I was him.
I also pulled Olivine in the new Nu:Carnival event which I was very chuffed about. I put Hamster's paw on the screen to pull for me and he actually pulled Oli!! My beloved!! The new event was very good, as always. NuC is always good. I really need to get onto making a pixel doll for Rei now that he's joined the cast. But I think that's a pretty good recap of the time I was gone. Hopefully I remember to blog weekly again next week haha. I'm also hoping I have more chances to wear lolita soon now that I have a cute haircut.
Until next time!