Reading: MDZS vol 3
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Good morning friends! This week has been interesting haha. The week itself was very chill, it was the following weekend and Valentines day itself that were quite extreme. My mum hurt her arm at the start of this week so I've been busy looking after her and helping out around the house. And of course on Valentines day cyclone Gabriella hit the country and laid waste to the majority of the North Island. I'm very lucky and thankful that I just happen to live in one of the few areas that wasn't very badly hurt by the cyclone. My heart goes out to the people who have just lost everything in the floods. So much of the country is straight up gone. There's going to be a pretty substantial food shortage haha. It's... Not great. But the country has been through this before, we'll get through it again. Some good news at least is that we've been having a lot of very small earthquakes recently. This means we're at a very low risk of also having a really bad Christchurch level earthquake following the one in Turkey!

OK! Enough suffering time to talk about some nice things that happened this week. Because nobody is reading this blog to hear about horrific world events and also if I keep thinking about it I think I'll go insane. On Saturday I went to the Levin Medieval Market with my lolita comm! It was such a great day. Sadly I totally forgot to get a group photo of all of us!! So take this photo of most of us lolol. It was my first time going to the Market and it was amaaazing omg. Like wow. It was so BIG!!!! There was so much cool stuff. I loved all of the craft stalls. I bought myself a little crochet axolotl. He's pink!! You can see him in the group photo I included. We also ate some suuper yummy donuts and I demolished two soft serve icecreams One was a chocolate shell one and the other was a strawberry real fruit icecream. Yum. Oh man I straight up put on a kilo this weekend I ate so many goodies.

Because the next day, check it out on Sunday I went to Evelyn's house for a little Galentine's Day sleepover! Well actually I went over to help weed her garden buuut after that we had a sleepover mwahahaha. We orderd pizza for dinner and just to be super extra craxy I bought a birthday cake and it wasn't even anyones birthday I've actually always wanted to do that lmaooo. Exercise my adult ability to just buy whatever I want. And we didn't even bother cutting it up after the first slice, we just ate it with forks straight off the plate. I do think this may have been the most rebellious I've ever been. I'm a bit boring aren't I? Oh well it was fun. We watched random dumb stuff on YouTube and Netflix before she cancels her membership. We watched a couple of episodes of Crunk on Earth which was insane. I laughed so hard my tummy hurt It was a good time though. Oh and Evelyn gave me a Pom Pom Purin plushie!!! She's so nice I'm glad we're getting to hang out more.

I don't really have much to talk about apart from that. I did score a HUUUGE bag of lace off of Facebook Makrtplace for $25 so I'm keen as to get some sewing done soon. I didn't consume too much media this week. I do need to start really getting to work on my lolita zine, as well as other zines I have planned. I haven't gotten any coord submissions yet!!! So I need to do some more advertising. I also need to start sussing out a style guide for the zine for my dumb ass to put it together. As well as my own content for the zine hhng. Oh yeah! and I also wanna do some solo zines, I dunno if I've mentioned my idea! I wanna do a zine on bad terrible no good BL lmaooo. Like really shitty ones. Like ones to watch dubbed with your boys over a few drinks. Like I don't mean bad in a uwu sinful way I mean bad as in wow this is objectively garbage have you seen this???. I'm gonna have mfs watching After School in the Teacher's Lounge type of bad I might also make one for some actually good BL series because I can't just meme on yaoi hands and not give out some actual reccommendations. I could do one on shitty funny H ovas as well. Because they're just as bad. Ok. I think that's me for the week.
Until next time!