If only I could forgive you!

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"Oh babe! What should I do! I've been wondering, waiting for you! Oh babe! What should I do? What's the matter with you?! I wanna be loved! I want it with you! You're my baby in blue!..."
Hello again!
This week ended up being really exciting and busy! On Tuesday Mum and I went Christmas shopping!!! We got lots of yummies for baking and did some op shopping. I got a calander for next year and a super cute dolphin(?) phone charm! I also got some cute cute photo albums. I really wanna get lots of photos printed next year and take more of them. I want to do fun stuff and be able to remember it. The lower North Island lolita comm is already considering a meet at Wellington Zoo in the new year. There's this thing called Wellington Advent Calander which is giving out super good coupons that last until the 31st of January and one of them is a 2 for 1 deal at the zoo! I'd love to go. I haven't been to the zoo in over a year. I also still wanna do a trip up the cable cars which they also have a coupon for. I'm very much looking forward to next year. On Thursday I got a special medical certificate from my doctor to help me find work that will accomidate my health issues so I'll finally be able to get a job again. MONEY!!!!!! How I have missed thee. I can't wait to buy so fucking much Angelic Pretty oh my god. Am I becoming a brand whore? Probably

Speaking of lolita and meets, on Wednesday I attended an amazing if not small meet in Wellington! My friend Brianna drove us both all the way down. We went to this really super nice cafe called Origami and I got some super good karaage and the most adorable little strawberry cake! It was just divine. I also picked up two other fancy cakes (and one more for my parents) but I forgot to take pics before I ate them hehe. They got pretty beat up on the car ride home anyway so you're not missing out on much. After that we went to Wellington Collective which is a store that is basically a giant artist alley. I picked up an orgasmic gingerbread scented candle, a cute little My Melody hair clip, a weird frog sticker and a Christmas present for my mum shhhh!!! I think it would be super fun to work in a place like that. I wonder if maybe my art could be there one day? After that we quickly popped into Daiso where I got the usual random Sanrio junk and then we had to go home. Our parking money ran out and Brianna had to feed her cat and I probably shouldn't be out toooo long right now anyway. But It was still great! I'd love to go again already!! The lolitas I finally got to meet in person were just lovely. It was so cool!!! I wish we'd been able to get a group photo but there wasn't anyone who could take one haha. Oh yeah, the first pic in this blog was the coord I wore. I wanted something comfy, but also kind of close to the coord I have planned for ILD. I want more lolita safe sneakers so I don't have to break my feets in maryjanes and teaparties every time I go out.

It's been so damn hot this week . Summer really is here. I was sweating my ass off in Welly and in Palmy. Today luckily I had nothing on finally so I did some drawing while near naked in front of my fan. Hnnnn so hottt. I got some very exciting mail too. My lolita secret santa arrived!! Well my make up gift for it. Apparently my actual secret santa gift is stuck in China. But the makeup one could honestly have been the gift itself. Look at those nails omg. I'm gonna have to learn how to apply them!! I've never worn false nails before but I've always wanted to try. I love looking at them on insta and pinterest.
The other cool mail I got was another cute as Pop Mart figure! This one is a little sweet lolita aaaahhhh!! I ordered her while I was in hospital lololol. I want more lolita figures, I love figures and I love lolita so it's obvious that I should combine the two. I think my current dream lolita figure is the sweet lolita ToHeart2 figure. She's so damn expensive. Stupid animecore collectors *shakes fist at sky*. She's also like,, one of the best lolita figures ever lol.

To round off my week I played Noiz's route in Dramatical Murder. I like Noiz as well. His route and ending were a lot better than Clear's, despite me still liking Clear more. Clear was really done dirty. Why does Noiz get two sex scenes but Clear only gets one and it's awful? Never mind. Noiz's ending was so sweet, I'm so glad things turned out well for them and they got such a sweet happy ending aaaaaaaaa I think next I might do Mink? Because he's scary and I wanna save Kojaku for last because he's not scary. And then there's like... the dog ending idk I'm stating yet again that my only prior knowledge of dmmd was that you fuck the dog so like ig we gon fuck the dog. The man dog. Man dog computer thing. Epic gamer style. I've also been reading Bastard!! again. That manga is so stupid but I can't put it down. Don't read it. Oh yeah and I caught up on Dandadan finally and yep it's still the best manga coming out right now. Oh yeah and I finished my legwarmers too but I didn't take a pic oops.

That's about all I have going on though. This coming week I've got two medical appointments and then I'm free yippeee!!! I need to start making a dress for my friend's baby this week as well. It's almost Christmas!! I wonder if I'll get to see my friends again before then? It might be nice to watch some Christmas movies with them. I've been feeling a lot of immense joy recently. I find listening to my favourite songs like Grizzly's single album and watching old cosplay vlogs is putting enormous smiles on my face. So is cuddling my dog. Oh yeah! I also want to commission someone for some super kawaii early 2010s style chibi pixel art of Ryo Satan from DVM! If you know of anyone with comms open hmu!
Until next time!