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What do we all think of my new personal homepage? Pretty nice right? I'm a huuge fan of this new look. The old one was just so gahhh clunky and weird and there was too much stuff on it. I know a lot of people really liked it for it's "webcore" 3 column layout, but for me it was time to move on. I plan to revamp my index and personal landing page in a similar fashion once I have the time and energy to make some new artwork for it. Speaking of new artwork though, just checkout the beautiful commission I finally got back from Strawbunimilk! It's sooo beautiful and well worth both the wait and money. After getting this back it just makes me wanna commission more talented artists lmaoo.

You'll also have noticed I finally got my shit together and started Website of the Day back up! I've got about a month worth of posts scheduled so far and I think scheduling a huge amount of posts for a month or so makes it a lot less stressful. Before I was scheduling once a week on a Sunday and it was a lot of pressure to fit that in every single week. So hopefully there are no more awkaard hiatuses. (Not that many people even look at it anyway)

I've been to some fun little events in the last couple weeks! I went to a Metalocalypse marathon at my friend's house where we finally all got to see Army of the Doomstar . God it was good. We had a pizza party with fizzy drink and ice cream and we sat on the floor in blankets and it made me feel like a teenager again in the best way possible.

Then the next week some other friends got together for a curry night and we watched Lisa Frankenstien and... I think this is now one of my favourite movies??? It was so goofy and campy and just literally perfect for me. If you like weird, goofy comedy horror and like getting too attached to weird unhealthy romantic dynamics you need to watch this movie. This movie was made for the weird horror girls. Zelda Williams is so fucking based. Oh to be able to summon an elegant undead Edwardian gentleman who is wholly in love with me and to rebuild his body as he smites my enemies.

However the coolest little event I've been to recently was a Teas of the World tasting event with my lolita friend B! It was amazing!! I wore my brand new BTSSB dress and (fake) Vivianne Westwood Orb necklace!! The building the event was in was soo beautiful and it was so fun to be in such a pretty enviroment in a pair as lolitas. The tea event was so interesting. You got a little tea cup and walked around this beautiful house to all of these different stalls. Each stall represented a different country and at those stalls they would pour a little bit of tea into your cup. Then you could drink it and then rinse your cup at these little communal rinsing stations. Many of the stalls also had snacks to go with your tea! While my obvious favourite tea was iced chai (orange nector of the Gods) my favourite stall was that of Iran! I had no idea Iranian teas were so fruity, floral, sweet and just plain lovely! The quince and rosehip tea was my favourite from this stall. I also got to try Noghl which was soooo yummy!!! Omg I LOVE sugary coated nuts.

Chocolate and sweet paste coated nuts and dried fruit are very underrated. A lot of people see these kinda of sweets as very old fashioned and out dated but I think they're classic and timeless. There's a reason sweetened nuts and dried fruit have been so popular for the entirely of human civilisation. Rose is another very underrated flavour like this. The noghl I tried is flavoured with rosewater so it's no wonder I loved it.

In terms of media I've been enjoying recently, I absolutely binged Heaven Official's Blessing and it's now my new favourite book! Oh my god. Love those little guys. At my local asian mart my housemate found some Heaven Official's Blessing instant noodles!! So she picked them up for me and they even had lil photocards inside!! Following that I binged Scum Villain's Self Saving System which was fun, but had absolutely nothing on TGCF haha. So now I've read all of MXTX's books! Next... I think I wanna try reading The Husky and His White Cat Shizun. I always see lots of cute merch of it on Aliexpress, so it must be good right? Danmei girlies sound off in the cbox.

Also did you guys see the new Nu: Carnival animated opening video??? Oh my goddd it's so beautiful!! I'm still yet to watch the 2nd Revel live but I've got a screen rec of it saved so I will get onto it eventually!! Need to see what my silly boys got up to. Also yes I'm still watching Oreimo shut the fuck up. Ok! I think that's about it. I'm gonna go play Animal Crossing.
Until next time!

^^ Real video of me devouring TGCF fic every single day non-stop since I finished reading it.