Zoo Trip!

Reading: Nothing
Watching:Shounen Maid
Listening to:Dana Dan by Bloodywood

Hello again! I'm writing this entry on the train ride to my weekend away in Wellington . But this isn't the first time I've been to wellington this week. On Tuesday this week I went to Wellington zoo for a lolita meet! I took the journey down with my frind Brianna as usual. We finally got to try drving the new Otaki bypass and freeway. It was so fast! We managed to arrive in Wellington early which was good as we got super lost trying to find a park at the zoo. It's really poorly signposted for some reason. They should totally fix that. Anyway we went to the zoo due to us all having two for one ticket coupons. There was a group of 6 of us, for 4 from the Wellington comm. Because I'm insane I decided to wear my brand new AP salo to the zoo. Great choice tho, it was hot as balls. A JSK would have been way too much. I was also the only sweet at this meet! The Wellington comm is very goth . So is the Palmy comm. The North Island in general has a lot of gothics and oldschools compared to sweets and classics.

The zoo was awesome, by the way. My favourite part was the otters. we got to see their feeding time!!! Oh my god they're so cute. They make the silliest noises and they roll around and play with their stones!!!!! Best animal hands down. Another big highlight was all the little tiny furry monkies. Just really little guys, they look like soft toys. I wanna just hold them in my hands. Pop them in my pocket. PUT THEM IN MY MOUF . They have the tiniest little faces and hands and aaaaaaa!!!! There was a lot of squee-ing at the zoo that day. We were like a gaggle of geese. I also quite liked the giraffes, serbals and capybara. Sadly we didn't get to see any penguins. In the future I'd love to take another trip to Kelly Tarltins to see the pengies again. And the fishies ofc. But I am quite the pengie enjoyer.

I tried bringing my digital camera with me for this trip for some authentic crunchy photos! Though I somehow messed up the settings, so my photos were even crunchier than I have expected . But they do give a very authentic 2008 feel. Luckily some actually good photos were also taken on smartphones. The photo quality is so bad you can hardly even see the animals in the pics!!! It's kinda funny honestly. I've included a nice selection of cwunchy photos at the end of this blog.

Just as I'm finished with such a big day in Wellington, I'm heading right back! Today is Friday and I'm spending the day with my friend Cassie before going to my friend Drew's baby shower! Well kind of baby shower, the baby's already here. But like it's a meeting baby party. Cas and I are planning on doing some shopping and perhaps maybe going up the cablecars and being tourists due to me having half price ticket coupons! Love me a coupon. I got up at 4am today so it's gonna be a looong day for me haha.

In case you're wondering, in the two days between the zoo and today I spent a lot of time relaxing! I finally finished the baby dress. Bought my zipper and slapped that baby on. Oh yeah and I also went to town and got the thrift score of the century! Check this out! A Puppy Surprise with a baby AND an AYUMI! I wanted an AYUMI so bad when I was a teenager but they were so expensive. Now that I have one, I wanna collect the rest of these furry scene bitches. I also had my first go at cross stitching on plastic canvas to make a little charm. I made a little My Melody which I plan to turn into a phone charm once I get back from my weekend away. I wanna look for some cute findings at Daiso.

In terms of media, I didn't watch or play or read a lot this week. I started watching Shonen Maid which is super cute and wholesome. But other than that nothing much. Haven't even played any more Slow Damage besides madarame's bad end. Ah well, we all need a break from tv sometimes. That's about all I've got for you this week.
Until next time!