A quiet week

Mood: sleepy
Reading: Fanfic lol
Watching: Nothing
Listening to: Lofi
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Nothing

Hello again! Thankfully, life has been quiet since my last entry! I've been slowly getting a lot better. For the last couple days I've been extremely well! On Wednesday I went to the Christmas Night Market with my family . It was soo nice! I love markets. This one was super fancy. They're really well vetted so no random bootleg or dropshipped stuff. Just lots of nice handicrafts and art and foods. I got myself some Belgin truffles (they melt in your mouth something sinful), a caramel apple, a cross stitched Christmas decoration and a tiny needle-felted bunny pin. The bunny pin was made by Jackelope Treasures. You should totally check them out . Afterwards my family and I got Turkish for dinner. I had a huuge halloumi salad. I wore my red high heel mary-janes for the first time to this event and omg I was so tall. It was scary!! I was so scared I was gonna fall over omg. I wore a different coord to the one pictured, but I didn't get a photo of it. So this one will have to do. The coord pictured was my late International Lolita Day coord. I was meant to wear this to Wellington, but instead I put it on just for a photo. I'll most likely wear it as a genuine coord out some time this Christmas season.

Aside from that outing, the week has been pretty chill. I had a mental health assesment on Friday and it went quite well I think. The lady asked me a lot of questions and unlike the last therapist I was sent to she seemed like she was actually listening and interested in helping me with a kind of anxiety that is more than a simple "I get a little nervous before an exam" type anxiety. I'm looking forward to my next visit. Though before then I need to fill out a lot of paperwork. I also told the lady about my website, so if you're reading this, hi! I wonder what kind of impression my website and blog leaves to a mental health professional...

Here's something cringe, I started playing Dramatical Murder for the first time yesterday! I know! 2022 and I've never played it. Oh my god I'm a fake fujoshi. I'm very new to visual novels, my only other experience is Mystic Messanger and playing like... one chapter of Nekopara until I very quickly got very bored and gave up. I ended up playing Clear's route and I really enjoyed it!!! Though what the fuck was that good ending lmao. That was so sad. I was sitting there the entire time like
How do you write a "good" ending that is somehow more distressing to read than the potato ending???? I still liked it though, it was very sweet and emotional. I do not believe anyone could be capable of getting off to such a depressing H scene though. The only wetness I experienced was the tears welling in my eyes as they said goodbye . That wasn't porn with plot that was plot feels with porn. Clear is still very cute though, I think he's my favourite. He's a silly little guy y'kno? Just like Blade. I have a type and that type is mysterious and silly robot boys learning to be human. I'd like to try playing again for another character when I have some spare downtime and no urge to be creative next. Likely over Christmas as there's never much going on then and it's too hot to do anything . Oh, and please click the little Clear pixels I've put on this blog to go to their source!

I also watched the anime Uta~Kata this week. Omg I cried aaaaa it was so sad and sweet and WAAAAAA so good. An OG dark magical girl. Madoka could never. If you want a subtle yet gut wrenching coming of age story with a very very literal comparison between magical girl trasformations and puberty - Uta~Kata is your show. Fair warning, a lot of weird awkward unnessesary fanservice. But if you can overlook the painful pantyshots it's a really sweet show with a strong message about accepting change and loving yourself.

To round off my week, I enjoyed my first strawberries of the season! Yuuummm I love strawberries. Nature's candy. We have three strawberry patches this year. One of which was accidental lol! At some point someone must have thrown a bad strawberry into an empty patch of garden right at the front door, and over the year a lovely strawberry patch has popped up! It's growing on top of a decaying old tree stump, so it's getting lots of nutrients. It's so cool having a strawberry patch directly at your door. I'm exciting for blueberries soon too. I want to make some fruit tarts and strawberry cakes .
Oh yeah and I've almost finished knitting my legwarmers! They should be done by my next blog. Once they're done I want to try doing a cross stitch on a t-shirt to make a cute lolita cutsew. My Buyee order with my salopette in it is finally ready to be shipped out so I'm hoping to get it next week maybe! I'm using DHL so it should be fast as. I'm very excited to own my dream print ahhhh!!!! Now to get it in my dream cut!
In terms of this coming week... I don't think much will be happening! I have a doctors appointment on Thursday where I'm wanting to ask for a medical certificate for some financial assistance for at least the next couple months while I sus out my health a bit and work out a plan for how to deal with it in the future. Hopefully I get it. And I hear you ask "But Ally why do you need financial assistance if you just bought an Angelic Pretty dress?? You must be loaded!" I bought that dress with money I still had saved from the last time I worked which was a year ago :'D I'm nothing if not responsible with my money. I just need to be able to pay my fucking board. Oh well. Hopefully it goes well! Iwouldn't mind going into town at some point too to look at all the Christmas displays in shop windows. I love seeing all the decorations. Christmas is my favourite holiday.
Until next time!

Look at these cute dolls!!!! I really need to have another go at making felt dolls...