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Good morning friends! It's a real propper winter morning today! Cold brrr This week was once again not too exciting. Winter can be like this, there's a lot less events going on and I go out less, so there's not as much to chat about every week. This week I had a meeting with my disability work dude finally and he was very excited to hear that I've set a date for moving. I'm moving in with my friend on the 30th of June. I'm also very excited haha. Once I'm moved in I'll be meeting back up with him and the hardcore job hunting will begin!!! I still need to sus out all the moving paperwork and bs tho ugh. The main activity I spent my week on was drawing the really cool lolita drawing that you've probably seen on my insta. That's going to be the print that comes with the physical copy of this year's issue of Milk & Honey! I've gotten a quote for printing and will be reformatting the zine for the printers today! How exciting!! I'm getting 50 copies printed. So watch out!!

On Friday night I went out to dinner with my friends. I'm not a big fan of steak so I had a chicken salad but omg it was huge. There was like an entire chicken breast, and heaps of bacon, and two fried eggs??? On my salad?? I was stuffed. I was so stuffed I didn't eat the entire next day except for lunch. After our movie, Evelyn and I went to see the new Spiderverse movie. Oh my god. It was amazing. Next movie when??? Ahhh!!!! We went to a late night showing so we got out at midnight and even though it was so late, the movie was so good it was hard to sleep afterwards! Also Hobie is my favourite hehe I might make a little cross stitch of him or something. Very punk of me ik.
The next day (after sleeping in until midday) my mum and I went to an indoor craft and food fair She bought me a beautiful pair of pastek pink sheepskin slippers for my birthday!!! And I get to use them now because it's winter and she doesn't want me to get cold feet waiting to use them haha. We both got a huuuge meat pie and a cream horn for lunch and after that I couldn't eat dinner lololol. Portion sizes seem so big nowadays. I also bought myself some fancy smoked garlic salt, a bag of coconut roughs and a caramel apple! I may or may not have grazed my way through the entire bag of coconut roughs as I lay in bed this morning hiding from the cold

In terms of media, new Nu: Carnival event!!! I pulled Rei and standard SSR Edmond. I wanted Quincy tho I also, of course, watched more Patalliro and played a little bit more Togainu no Chi. Finally finished Rin's end, time to start on Shiki. I'm not sure how I feel about him yet, I hear most people hate him so um.. Good luck me!!! I haven't been reading any physical manga recently because I've boxed it all up to move!!! on Wednesday I'm gonna start by moving in my weeb non essential stuff so that I don't have to do that on moving day, as well as cleaning up the room so I can actually put stuff in it lol. I also have an appointment with a psychologist on Monday to see if I'm still insane or not. Fingers crossed I'm normal again baby!!! But yeah! That's it for me this week.
Until next time!