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Reading: Lamento: Beyond the Void
Watching:Puppet History
Listening to:Since Yesterday - Strawberry Switchblade

Hello friends! I'm writing a blog for the first time at my new house! I finally moved and I love it here, I feel so free. I've lived here for a week now, so I thought it's about time to write another blog. The house is just so lovely, living with Evelyn is so fun. The house is a short walk from town and there's a supermarket and vegetable store really close by. So I can go and pick up stuff super easy. I love my new room and bed, I have so much privacy!! I can play games and draw and listen to music and do whatever I want and no one is gonna burst in and interrupt me! And my bed is so comfyyyyy. It's also been fun cooking hehe. Just,, having independance! Something I've wanted for so long and can finally have. This week seemed both so long and so short. On Monday Mum took me out shopping for things I needed. I got this cute water bottle (the house os SO cold), a cute blankie and a cute box. My Olivine standee also finally arrived! On Friday we had our friends Fab and Ben over for dinner and I baked a chocolate pie. The rest of the week I spent unpacking, exploring the city, and adjusting to the new place. I also started participating in Artfight. Please attack meee I revenge all attacks!!

I also found myself befriending the much beloved neocities icon Koinuko! as well as Reon! They're both very cool. Today Evelyn and I binged the whole of Puppet History season 5. This coming week is Matariki, the Maori new year. Signified by the same constellation that represents the Tanabata festival in Japan! On the day of Matariki is also my 23rd birthday. It feels fitting I moved just in time for Matariki and I also have my birthday on that day. The world is moving forward. Something new is beginning. I'm sorry this blog isn't longer, I'm tired. Hopefully next time will be more exciting.
Until next time!