Reading: Heaven Official's Blessing vol 1 by MXTX
Listening to:Carnival Dolls - Bonjour Suzuki & RinRin Doll

Boo! Hello again. Long time no see! Life has been um... Good and bad! But I don't feel like talking about the bad, so let's focus on the good. I ordered a modded 3DS!! One of my lolita friends found it on Facebook marketplace for $200!!! I've been obsessed with it ever since. The first thing I downloaded was Animal Crossing: New Leaf and I've been loooving it!!! My town is called Sprinkle and I'm going to slowly make it pink. I've also been playing Style Savvy: Fashion Forward, Cooking Mama Sweets and The Phoenix Wright Trilogy. I've been scouring Mercari for cute 3DS accessories but haven't found anything I want for a decent price yet. My dream items are either My Melody or Hoppe-chan cases and accessories. I also wouldn't mind a Super Sonico case.
I want to try and play some Kirby and Pokemon games. I also want to look for some physical DS and DSi games. At some point I'd like to get some Slow Damage stickers to put on the clear case I'm using right now. Oh yes! I also wanna try out some otome games! I have also started playing a little more of Lamento again, finally I'm starting Asato's route. Asato is my favourite boy so I'm excited for him. I also decided to leave Rai for last because apparently his route is the longest.

I've been doing a LOT of work on my website recently. You might have noticed, the Nitro Chiral Boyfriends quiz, the 3DS page, the magical girl shrine, etc. I've been having a lot of fun hehe. I plan to make a free web materials page in the near future as I've been making all sorts of goodies. I've been becoming aware recently just how many people enjoy my website and how much they enjoy it. This has given me a lot of motivation to add more to this site. I want to create more things for people to take away from my site. Other ideas I had were things like colouring and activity pages. Fun printables. Stuff like that!
Lastly, I'm attending zinefest as a vendor this weekend! I have two zines, the 2023 lolita zine, and a minizine about my top 6 yaoi of the year lmaooo. I'm tabling with my friend Cassie who has a lot more zines than I do. I'm very excited and will be sure to take lots of photos!
Bit of a short blog after such a long absence, but hopefully I'll be able to write more soon.
Until next time!