Leap year

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Reading: Heaven Official's Blessing vol 5
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Drinking: Water!

Hello friends!! Happy New Year! I say at the start of February I just haven't been able to get myself to sit still enough to write a blog post last month, I've been up to far too much fun stuff. I've been visiting friends, doing art and crafts and website stuff, wearing lolita, going op shopping and I even had a day trip to Napier to see my little cousins! Life has been very fun, which is exactly what my goal for 2024 is! Your first blog post of the year is meant to be about goals right?
I've been thinking a lot about my life and future recently, being the time for setting goals and all. Since I'm finally fully moved out of home and independent and have a stable job it's suddenly hit me like. Damn. I'm gonna be 24 this year. I need to fucking do something with my life.

So I've been putting together a little rough plan for the coming couple years.
2024: Have fun, save money, be a dumb young person, make a lot of art. I know it sounds silly, but like I wanna really take advantage of my position while I'm saving money this year. Just,, make more fun things, wear lolita more, learn, cook, eat, play. All that good stuff!
The money I'm saving is of course for my big Japan holiday!!! I'll be going on holiday to Japan with Koinuko (and possibly Reon) early next year!! Most likely February, butnothings set in stone yet. Get all my childhood weeb dreams out of the way yknow? Buy a dress at the AP store, go to a maid cafe, wear a kimono, eat cute food, get headbutted by a deer, go to puroland, buy copious quantities of yaoi doujin. All the good shit!!
And then, after that, so a little later into 2025. I want to look at moving on. The town I'm in now is nice, but I don't think I can grow all that much here. I want to move to the city. Wellington or perhaps Christchurch or maybe even Melbourne if I'm feeling adventurous.

Because right now, while I'm technically independant, I'm still in a place I've known my while life and surrounded by people who have loved and cared for me my whole life. I'm living with a highschool best friend in a house I've known since I was 17. My mum brings me fresh eggs and vegetables every weekend. Every other week I spend my days off with my highschool best friends and while it is absolutely wonderful, I need to go explore for a bit. All of my friends have already done their exploring, they're starting to settle down. But I,,, haven't done any of that yet despite my age.
So that's what I plan to do next year, but for now I'm going to revel in the luxurious little life I have right now.

As for smaller, more media related things I've been up to, you might have noticed I've been working on my web materials page a lot! I've been slowly digitizing my vintage wrapping paper collection and it's been a lot of fun. Expect more pretty backgrounds in the coming weeks! I've also been reading a lot of Heaven Official's Blessing. I looove it!!!!! Ahhh I'm such a slow reader though. I'm finally up to book 5 and wow. This is a masterpiece lol. Xie Lan and Hua Cheng are both so adorable I've also, of course, been having lots of fun playing on my 3DS! Lots of Animal Crossing and lot much else :'D As for anime, I started watching Oreimo and I actually love it! It's incredibly embarrassing to admit. But I have to live my truth. The incest anime is good. It perfectly encapsulates that feeling of being a weeb tween girl in the 2010s. Oh, and as always, I'm still playing Nu:Carnival and this current event being fairytale themed has actually destroyed me. Oli my love is Rapunzel. Eiden is Alice. I'm gonna cry

Ok! That's probably enough for now right? I need to go get ready for work.
Until next time!