Lolita ballet and high tea!

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Good morning!! I'm finally back (and recovered) from my most wonderful lolita holiday to Wellington! This weekend was huuuge. It started out on Friday morning. My bus to Wellington was at 10am, so it was a nice late-morning start. While I was waiting for my bus, I got to watch a vintage car street race that was taking place across the road from the bus depo. I love dinky old cars. I'm not interested in cars usually, but vintage cars are just so cute! I'm love to go to a vintage car meet in lolita someday and take lots of photos.

Once I got to Welly, I met up with a lolita I'd never met before; Rochelle. She was so nice, all of her coords were home made and they were just gorgeous!! We dropped our stuff off at our hotel room and went shopping! I hit up my favourite places such as Pulsar Max, Daiso and Wellington Collective! I toootally wasted my money on a copy of Vallasord vol 1 but idc Rayflo changed me. We also went to Cream Cake Stupid and I got a beautiful jasmine an grape roll cake! In the afternoon we headed back to the hotel and I finally got to meet my friend dreaming.marine in person! You should totally follow her on insta, her coords are amazing. Anyway, we quickly got changed, stuffed some food into our gobs and headded out to the ballet.

The ballet was... Just amazing Like WOW! I'd never been to a ballet before, so I had no idea what it would be like. And it was better than I ever could have imagined. We saw Hansel and Gretel by the Royal New Zealand Ballet at St James Theater. The theater, first of all, was breathtaking. I had no idea we had anything like it in New Zealand.
The ballet was so cool!! It was beautiful and creepy and funny like wow!!! It was so impressive to see the just amazing feats of strength the dancers displayed while making it look effortless. The costuming also was just.... Wow! Like I have actually no words. You really just had to be there. If you've never been to a ballet before, I highly reccommend going to one! I'll totally be making this an annual thing.

The next day we had our high tea! We had our high tea at Origami and the food was to live for!!! Origami is a Japanese fusion resturant, so the savouries were all seafood related. I got to try tuna sashimi for the first time! The salmon was so creamy ahhh and the wraps were delish. The desserts, as always, were wonderful. I've had Origami's desserts before and they really are works of art. My favourite part was actually the seasonal Halloween pumpkin macaron! Though I was also a huge fan of the orange chocolate mousse thing. It was crisp on the outside and melty on the inside. I also had a beautiful peach iced tea with my lunch.
The turn out for the high tea was spectacular! This was the largest meet I'd ever been to, as well as the meet with the most sweet lolitas!! I got to meet so many long time online friends for the first time in person. Following our tea we decended on central Wellington to walk around and do some shopping. As well as do what lolitas do best, loiter in a pretty public park for an hour to take photos But alas all good things do eventually end and we parted ways around late afternoon.

Finally, I ended my weekend visiting my dear friends Drew and Gemme and their baby Ame. Ame is so big now!! She like,, a year and a half now? She's got such a personality already. She was a little wary of me at first but was soon very keen to play with me. I need to make her a new little outfit, maybe something for Christmas if I can get my shit together in time? We went to a hot pot resturant for dinner which was nice as. I ate a lot of stuff I had no idea what it was. I also picked them up some goodies from Origami to enjoy. This visit was quite uneventful, but it gave me the rest I needed after such a huge weekend.

A really big thing I got from this weekend, and it might sound stupid, was the realization of just how many people really really care about me. While I was at D&G's, one of our friends made the offhand comment of "oh everybody likes Ally" and it made me think like. Wow! Actually, everybody I know who knows me does really like me! I spent this weekend surrounded by people who like me or think I'm cool or talented or even look up to me somewhat. I've always struggled seeing worth in myself where other people seem to see so much. It was a real eye opener to see just how many people are rooting for me. So I want to do better and work even harder for all these people who care about me. I'm back home now, my new job is starting soon and I'll be opening up commissions soon enough. I want to work even harder on making wonderful things for the wonderful people in my life Ok! That's enough from me!
Until next time!