Gloomy winter evening

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Listening to:Rain!!

Hello stranger! This week has been so-so. Winter is finally upon us! It's getting colder and colder by the day and it gets dark so early. I've been enjoying toasting marshmallows on the fire at my parents house. Last week I spent 3 days sewing the dress you see in the first image for this blog. It's made with real actually woven houndstooth fabric!!! How cool is that?? I made it as a winter dress that's like oldschool lolita inspired. So I can wear it in a lolita-y way or a normie way. It's sooo nice and warm. I wore it out to town with my friends! On Thursday I want meant to have an appointment with my disability employment counceller but... He cancelled. So instead in the evening I went out to an Irish themed pub with all of my friends! It was a really lovely night out, some of my friends I hadn't seen since November. The food was meh but you don't go to a pub for the food lmao. I don't drink, but they had lots of fruity little mocktails. And there was a fireplace there so it was super warm. Once it got to closing time we dropped off anyone who needed to work tomorrow, picked up some cheaper booze, popped to McDonalds for some cheaper food and went to our favourite late night hangout spot: the graveyard!

The old town cemetary is pretty much the safest public place to hang out at after dark. The public parks and gardens are fulled with teen hangs and druggies and sex parties, but nobody weird ever goes to the graveyard because it's fucking creepy. But actually it's quite nice! The concrete of the graves warms up in the sun all day and releases the heat at night, so it's decently warm, and there's lots of cover from the rain. There's also stairs and benches and even some graves are designed to be sat on. When I die, I'd like my grave to be designed for cool goth kids to hang out at. I'd like my memorial to be part of a safe place for looser teens to hang out at. Because really that's what the cemetary has always been to me! After we finished playing at the cemetary I went home with Evelyn to my future house and we watched a little tiny bit of Patalliro before crashing tf out. It was a most wonderful night!

This wonderful night out inspired me to finally set a date for moving out! My moving date is the 30th of June. I've already started packing and boxing shit up haha. I'm so exciting. I reeeally hope I have a job before then, but if not that's ok. I'll manage. I was meant to have another meeting with my disability employment dude yesterday but um... He cancelled again!! But this time he said he was sick and covid is going around again so he gets a pass this time I guess but also wtf I applied to a few more jobs this week. Hopefully one gets back to me. One did get back asking for a virtual video interview and I'm like haha. incredibly sus! Soo yeah. Hmn.

In media news, the only thing I watched this week was more Patalliro. I'm obsessed. I got Maraich on the brain. I did do an adorable wangxian bunny cross stitch onto the butt pocket of my jeans tho which was fun! And it looks suuuper cute ahhh. I hope somebody recognizes it sometime I also finally got onto making a Slow Damage shrine. I've been thinking about Slow Damage recently and how it would be really funny to have a Towa cake for my 23rd birthday next month. I have no idea what I actually want for my birthday tho. I bought myself some little wangxian figures but like they were p cheap. Hopefully I'll be working on my birthday this year lololol. The only mail I got this week were my first ever Angelic Pretty plastic which is very exciting. A local comm member was having a clear out so I snatched them up for a really good price. I'm excited to wear lolita again sometime soon so I can show them off. But yeah! That's about it! Hopefully I have better news on the job front soon.

Until next time!