What’s this whole thing about?

I decided to make a website in 2018 around when deviantart started getting rid of all their customisation coding profile stuff. I was getting so tired of all the customisation and creativity of the internet that I grew up with getting sucked out of it. I wanted to have fun!! So I moved here and made this! At first it was a casual, silly little thing. But after the Great Tumblr NSFW Purge I became more aware of the fragility of social media. Even though I'm not right now a NSFW artist, it really scared me! I’m still very upset about social media and what the internet is now. I hate being censored by big corporations and squished into a stupid box. I don’t want to live in fear that one day that corp will wipe my digital presence off the face of the earth with no regard for history or preservation just because I'm not making them enough money. I wanna swear and talk about anime and be cringe and put glitter gifs everywhere!!!

Another thing that attracted me to the idea of a website is that I'm just not very social! Which makes it pretty frusterating to use social media. I want to put my thoughts and feelings out into the internet and recieve ABSOLUTELY ZERO FEEDBACK. Positive or negative. But social media means that when I put stuff out there, people want to talk to me! Sometimes they want to be my friend, while other times they want to argue with me or bait me, but the majority of the time they just want to jack off to my cartoon avatar. While I enjoy the steady stream of easily consumeable memes and pornography that social media feeds me, it's not healthy. It doesn't make me happy. It used to, back in the days of Tumblr and DeviantART and being 14 years old, but not anymore. There's too many normal people on the internet now. Too many people who don't struggle with communication or relationships or social anxiety at all. It's all become too much like real life, except worse as at least IRL I can leave an uncomfortable situation by just walking away. Now the uncomfortable situations are in a little magic box in my pocket that I have to keep on me at all times in case I get a sudden job offer or some other important adulty bullshit or even worse WHAT IF SOMEONE IS SAYING MEAN THINGS ABOUT ME Q , Q. I enjoy static websites because there's no comments. No numbers. I don't know if people like my site unless they sign my Cbox or put my button on their website. Or God forbid they go through the effort of Emailing me. I can just lurk and scream into the void and it doesn't matter. Just like in the good old days.

I'm not saying the internet of before social media domination was great. It wasn't. It was god awful but so is the internet now!!! Getting Goatse'd sucked but at least I didn't have any concept of what "getting cancelled" was. So yeah. This site was born out of frusteration over the growing censorship and commercialization of the internet. It then continued to grow from my anger over the purging of original content online.

At first I was inspired by Justin Jackson's "I'm A Fucking Webmaster" text. But now I'm more inspired by the Internet Archive's Wayforward Machine art piece, the many writings of sadgirl.online and the idea of Dead Internet Theory.

I'm scared. I'm scared for the future of the internet. And you should be too.

But like,, enough of that depressing stuff. The original reason I made this website is because I wanted to have fun! So I hope you'll have as much fun browsing it as I did making it. If you did, flick me a message in my Cbox! I look forward to hearing from you